Sunday, 3 November 2013

Adventures - Poland: Warsaw Day 2

Our second day in Warsaw started off hungover from seeing Foals live the night before. We went to the Jewish Ghetto's from the Second World War and headed to a local cafe for breakfast. I loved how they presented their toasties, although it wasn't all that yummy. Afterwards we went to the oldest remaining Synagogue in Warsaw and walked to The Uprising Museum which was very interesting but emotional at the same time. I didn't realise before going to Warsaw that the whole city was destroyed during the Second World War and some of the stories of what went on broke my heart. 

After the museum we had Mexican for dinner at and amazing restaurant before meeting up with Dan, who was also staying at our hostel (and weirdly turned out to be from the village next to mine in Hampshire - small world) for a drink. First of all we went to a bicycle bar where the walls were adorned with cycles and they played indie classics. Afterwards we went to a Communist bar, this was decorated with old newspapers and a beer cost 4 Zloty's (about £1) - amazing. 

There's no outfit post form this day as I was hungover and quite frankly my outfit was a bore.

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  1. Really cool pictures, seems like fun ! :)

  2. Yo but that toast looks horrible...sorry! Love your pics and I guess I've come to accept (and even expect) your absolute feckin coolness, all the time, ever.


  3. Looks like you're having lots of fun and I love your coat!!

    B xx

  4. Great pics, looks like a great place

  5. Your photos are beautiful

  6. I bet your outfits are never boring! You always pull together lovely things.. & even if you don't share an outfit post, your life sounds exciting and makes me wish I was bound for adventure!

  7. so many lovely photos! :)

    from helen at

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  8. I've been in the uprising museum as well, great place