Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Bleach London's Home Colour Range Blogger Event

Last night I headed to Topshop Oxford Circus to attend the launch of Bleach London's Home Colour Range. Greeted at the salon by Lola's Cupcakes and Pink Lemonade I was welcomed in with fellow bloggers Sara (Waiste) and Law (That's So Yesterday) to have a look at the twelve colour range which has hit Boots stores nationwide today. Sara was swiftly persuaded to try out the Silver Toner and 'Parma Violet' dye which was applied by one of the Bleach London stylists, while Amy (Amy Valentine) had 'Bruised Violet' applied to the tips of her already pink locks.

Having a natter with lots of other lovely bloggers, myself and Georgina (Georgina Does) were very jealous that our naturally brunette barnets were too dark to do anything with on the night. Both of us however took home some advice from the Bleach founders Sam and Alex and some goodies to play with. I got the Dip Dye Kit and 'Bruised Violet' and am currently deciding between dip dyeing my hair or putting in a bleached strip which I can change the colour of at will. Seeing the professionals play around with lots of girls hair really gave me the itch to dye mine again, especially with such a beautiful and affordable range of from Bleach London. 

After the event Sara, Law, Georgina, Lolly, Amy, Plum and I headed to the pub for a chin wag and catch up before it was time to get the last train home. I had a lovely evening and learned a lot of about Bleach London, their colour range and hair care in general. Everybody at Bleach was so so lovely (and ridiculously cool) so thanks for inviting me.

Will you be trying out Bleach London's Home Colour Range?



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  1. Great post! Oh this stuff looks great :) I cant wait till my hair grows back to use it, I would be too brunette atm too! :)


  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! love the super light lilac and the light blue. can't deal! x

  3. Wow seems like such a great event !

  4. I want to go and get my hair done at Bleach SO BADLY it's unreal.


  5. I absolutely love Bleach London, I've been eyeing up the silver shampoo and parma violet colours on Instagram for a while, can't wait to use them! My hair is a great blank canvas for those sorts of colours! xx


  6. so lucky...I am so jealous! looks like you had a great time and gah those colours!<3


  7. I just washed the white toner out of my hair :) Hope it goes silvery! Your hair would be fab with the violet at the end.

  8. You're so lucky you were invited to this. I've used the Washed up Meriad which is soooo good! My hair looks super shiny!


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