Saturday, 21 September 2013

Home Made Biscuits and Cupcakes

A few weeks ago Not On The High Street contacted me and asked if I would like a few things from the site. Of course I jumped at the chance and requested the baking bits below. I love baking but hardly ever get the chance to do so, today though I made the time to get cooking and I am really happy with the results. 

I always have issues with getting butter icing to be of a thin enough consistency to pipe however today it came out just right. I also cannot remember the last time I made biscuits, let alone shortbread, but I think these came out really well and I love the 'Home Made' stamp too. We keep chickens at my parents house and the eggs I used for these were freshly laid in our back garden so they taste great. While I am really proud of my creations I don't think I'm quite Great British Bake Off ready... yet. 

I didn't use any fancy recipes but if you want to make these too then this is the cupcake recipe and this is the shortbread biscuit one I used.

Are you a fan of baking too?

'Home Made' Stamp, Robyn's Cakes Wooden Spoon, Floral and Gingham Cupcake Cases and Pink Cake Stand - c/o Not On The High Street


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  1. Wow it looks lovely and yummy !

  2. I love that website, what a perfect opportunity!xx

  3. Please move to Manchester and make me cakes. please

  4. this has seriously inspired me to bake which is good for my tummy but bad for my bod. oops xo

  5. They look so nice. I love the cute personalised spoon. x

  6. Those biscuits look amazing, I rarely have time to bake either but really love it when I do, feels so satisfying! I love the home made stamp x