Thursday, 29 August 2013

Vintage Paisley Midi Skirt

Black Fluffy Cardigan - Primark
Black Fringed Crop Top - Topshop
Paisley Midi Skirt - Rokit
Black Cute Out Boots - Topshop

Over the last few weeks I have become obsessed with anything paisley patterned. I think it makes such a nice change from floral print however is still really girly and quite unique at the same time. I've had this vintage midi skirt for a few years now and it never quite gets the wear it deserves, I love the length and the pattern. A recent purchase has been this cardigan from Primark. I've been after a black fluffy mohair cardigan for years, a weird thing to lust after however the texture just makes it so cosy and that little bit more interesting than your average cardigan. 

It's payday tomorrow, woo hoo! We have a bit of a tradition at work I've called 'Pay Day Yay Day', it includes shopping after work, dinner and cocktails and I can't wait to do it once again this month. Does anybody else do this on payday?

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  1. oh my gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwd your necklace and skirt! I want! xx

  2. lovely look!

    no pay day for me, i run an art business full time and not paying myself monthly just yet. enjoy your payday!

    The Young Bridget Jones

  3. Beautiful outfit, your style kicks ass man! I know I always ask, but please where is this necklace from? It's a stunner. Also don't know if you saw my tweet about that Celtic necklace you got off ebay?

    1. hello! i did sorry i forgot to reply :( the ebay necklace i got last year so will try and find it for you, tweet me again about it and i'll have a look over the weekend! the one here is from forever 21 maybe 2 years ago now i'm afraid! i have a jewellery post coming up though on some bits so you might like something there :) and thank you i always love your comments <333

  4. Love this skirt! <3
    So nice with the fringing and belt!


  5. Pay Day Yay Day sounds like a great day aha! Although I'm quite a saver so not sure how I'd be with it ahaxx

  6. Love your outfit as usual, great shoes !

  7. I luuurve this, you look amazing. Fluffy cardigans are total essentials to me.

    BTW I'm not going to LFW anymore.. family problems keep me here in the North West. However I've been thinking, if Haim do tour I want to see them with you. Where would you go? London? I'd have to make a special trip.

  8. I love this cardigan, can't believe it's primark...I'm guna have to go and hunt it down! x