Saturday, 3 August 2013

Playlists: July 2013

Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know
Haim - The Wire
Johnny Flynn - The Lady Is Risen
The Strypes - Blue Collar Jane
White Lies - There Goes Our Love Again
Bloc Party - Ratchet
Florence Welch & Dev Haynes - I Love It
Robin Thicke ft. Kendrick Lemar - Give It 2 U
Yuck - Rebirth
Mazzy Star - California
Azealia Banks - Venus
Gabrielle Alpin - Panic Cord 

This months playlist was a bit of tricky one for me to put together (and it's a wee bit late - sozza!). Ever since I got back from Glastonbury all I have wanted to listen to is Arctic Monkeys, Haim, The Rolling Stones and First Aid Kit on repeat, as such listening to new music took a bit of a back seat. Having said that all of these tracks have made it onto my radar and had me pressing repeat. 

I won't go on but I will say if you haven't ever listened to Johnny Flynn, and love nu-folk bands such as Haim and Mumford & Sons etc, please have a listen. They have been around for years and just don't get the recognition they deserve! I also didn't include the new Arctic Monkeys track 'Why'd You Only Call Me When Your High' because I think its a weak effort from the band and much prefer 'Do I Wanna Know' - thoughts?

Utilising my social media platforms today and have created a YouTube playlist! 
Who have you been playing this month?
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  1. I love Haim so much. I am so shit with music in that I listen to the same things over and over and if I like an album always forget that the band has probably made others. I saw Yuck once at Field Day, my boyfriend bought one of their cassette releases or something I can't remember. Are Yuck different to Yu(c)k? I really like Automatic but it sounds so different to Rebirth. I can't decicde on one listen if I like it. I think I do. Is there any way of putting your playlists downloadable? LONGEST COMMENT EVER ! Molly x

  2. Love all of these songs. You've got great taste!!

    Xo, Hannah

  3. I love your music taste, haim the wire is one of my faves at the moment :)

    Rose xo

  4. Great playlist! Loving The Strypes and Arctic Monkeys! Seeing them play together in November and I cannot wait! Love your blog, following. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger