Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Currently Coveting: Marc by Marc Jacobs*

Recently I have been looking to designer brands more and more and lusting after their wares. Marc by Marc Jacobs is a brand I have always loved, I remember rushing into the store in New York when I visited and cooing over the amazing wares. While designer brands are expensive, their accessories are a great way to include a luxury brand within your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Accessories are also more statement type pieces and likely to get more notice than say, a dress or coat. 

Harvey Nichols have a great range of Marc by Marc Jacobs goodies, I particularly love these monochrome animal phone cases. A friend has the owl one and I am just so jealous, however the sad dog phone case just wins my heart with its soppy little eyes - awhh. As you might know I am a bit of a jewellery addict, I already have a Marc by Marc Jacobs ring. These simple pieces would make a great sophisticated statement or work as part of a layered jewellery look. 

Are you a Marc by Marc Jacobs fan? Which piece is your favourite?

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  1. Very cute list !xx

  2. Love the phone cases so so much, have wanted one for ages!

    B xx

  3. I love the cases! When I was in NY I picked up a skull necklace in Marc by Marc Jacobs for only $10! x

  4. Love the owl one, your friend is lucky to have it :Pxx

  5. Oh yeah, the owl one is super cute. The dog looks vaguely silly in the head. I hope you get it for birthday or christmas, whichever comes first basically!

    Em x