Thursday, 25 July 2013

July Beauty Buys

I haven't done a monthly beauty buys post for a while now but I have come across some cracking products over the last month so I thought I would bring it back. I don't do a lot of beauty posts as there are so many who do it better, but when I find something amazing (or terrible) I love to share it with others.

Bourjois 1 Seconde Gloss 

I bought these nail varnishes after hearing and reading lots of hype about them, yes I am a sucker for some good PR. They were 3 for 2 in Superdrug though so I don't feel as bad about the £5.99 price tag. These polishes have been praised for the fan brush they come with and gel silicone effect they have when dry. 

I purchased the light lavender shade, a sunshine yellow and the gloss top coat. At first I wasn't that impressed with the yellow shade, like all light coloured nail varnishes it took 3 coats to start looking like a block colour. On second application I realised it was because I hadn't got the hang of the fan brush yet. The light lavender shade went on like a dream, although did still need two coats. I found that without the top coat they didn't look any more gel like than Barry M's 'Gelly' polishes, but with it they look lovely.

Working in retail is always a great test for chipping with nail varnishes. I can safely say that these babies are hardcore when it comes to chipping, minimal chips and it's been a hard week at work.

Soap & Glory - Sugar Crush Body Scrub

For a long time I have preached at the alter of Soap & Glory. While their products are pricey they work.   My favourite product from Soap & Glory previously was their  'Flake Away' exfoliator. When my local Boots sold out it a few weeks ago I reached for the "Sugar Crush' body scrub as a replacement and I am so glad I did. Not only does it smell absolutely divine, it works so much better. The sugar lumps are bigger and work so well at getting off that dead skin. I will forever more be buying, and smelling, this product!

Soap & Glory - Daily Smooth Body Butter

I purchased this little mini and the mini 'Clean On Me' Shower Gel as they were on 3 for 2 at Boots and  I wanted to try something new but not shell out. A lovely light smelling moisturiser I do enjoy how silky it makes your skin feel however it takes a lot of rubbing to disappear on the skin which I didn't really like. I probably wouldn't purchase the bigger version of this. 

Soap & Glory - Clean On Me Shower Gel

I have to admit, we don't have a shower at my house. Well we do but it is broken. Why did I purchase this product you might ask? Because I was hooked in by its promises of silky skin and a thick lather in the tub. Oh boy did it deliver. Frothing and foaming everywhere I loved this shower gel (which I used like a body wash in the bath). It left my skin feeling soft and smelling great - perfect!

Tresemme Split Ends Remedy Range

I am in love. You may have noticed my hair has gone from its natural jet black to a blonde/ginger... do, recently and this has absolutely killed my hair. While once you've damaged hair, the damage is done this range from Tresemme has done a whole lot to help repair it and reduce the appearance of my split ends. Normally this would an expensive purchase however Superdrug are offering it at 'better than half price' at the moment, score. 

I use all of these products together so can't really give an individual review on them, all I can say is my hair now feels so much silkier and moisturised than it did a few weeks ago. If you are suffering from dry, split ends then I really do urge you to grab yourself the shampoo and conditioner and one of the Tresemme hair masks, they were the miracle cure to bleach damaged hair I was hoping for.

What products have you been enjoying this month?
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  1. The Soap & Glory scrub is a interesting colour, remind me slightly of frog spawn..haha. Who cares if it works though!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Ooh I use Flakeaway and I've nearly run out so I must try that one instead!

    Rosie x

  3. I do love a bit of Soap and Glory!

  4. Look like great products! For hair though, I prefer pro naturals argan oil shampoo and conditioner, it worked a lot better than treseme.