Friday, 12 July 2013

Glastonbury 2013

This post is about three weeks late but I thought as it is festival season I would still pop it up. Glastonbury 2013, what can I say? After trying, and failing, for four years to get a Glastonbury ticket I had so many expectations for the festival and somehow they were all exceeded. Maybe it was because I had a burning passion to make the most of every minute there or that magical air they talk about at Glastonbury but I had one of the best weekends of my life. 

The weather was outstanding at Glastonbury (we'll just ignore that Thursday rain, yeh?) which I think really helps to make a festival weekend. Everybody was so so friendly at the festival and I made so many amazing memories every day it would be a book length blog post if I recited them all. Bands wise Arctic Monkeys and The Rolling Stones took the biscuit for me. I cried when The Stones came on stage, and then again when I watched it back at home. As expected I didn't get to see all the bands I wanted but post Glasto blues had me buying a Bestival ticket which will make up for it. 

These are the best snaps of the weekend. When I say best I mean I was having too much fun to take any myself/the rest are not for everybody's eyes. Hahaha. The whole weekend seems like a beautiful dream that went past too quickly, I could quite easily live forever in those fields.

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  1. your outfits (or what i can see of them) at glastonbury are amazing - very laidback, gypsy-esque vibe about them :)
    and seeing the stones live would've killed me too!


  2. This sounds and looks like so much fun! Especially as it was sunny, I'm so impatient for Reading now!xx

  3. Oh my, Glastonbury is one of the best festivals ever! The pictures are amazing, love th first one (: You guys look great!

  4. your outfits are AMAZING and I am so jealous. I couldn't afford a festival this year :( xx

  5. I had the best time ever at Glastonbury this year and have been majorly depressed since returning! Was nice to wash my hair, but I miss the love!! xox

  6. Looks like great fun, love the glitter too!

    Isabella x

  7. Ahh this looks amazing! :)
    And I love your outfits!

  8. This looks like so much fun! and LOVE your outfits!