Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Embellished Cami Top

Black Floral Garland - Crown & Glory
Embellished Cami Top - Topshop
Silver Sun Necklace - Charity Shop
Fringed Suede Boots - River Island

I wore this little outfit to work yesterday after naughtily buying this embellished cami top on my uniform allowance. I love the Indian style beading on it, I just think it is so beautiful. I decided to style it over an old Topshop dress I already have so it looks like an embellished dress. I think this little top would look great with denim shorts too. These little fringed boots are my Pocahontas shoes, they were £25 in River Island and have since gone down further in the sale.

Yesterday I shelled out and joined the gym after talking about doing it for months. I am waiting for my induction on Thursday so went swimming today. I haven't done any real exercise in years and my weight has just crept up and up. I challenged myself to five lengths of the pool and did seven, or fourteen as I counted one up and one down as a whole length. I'm feeling really proud of myself and am going to go again tomorrow before work. Yay! 

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  1. The embellished top is so beautiful! Love the fringed boots too.
    Lydia Rose

  2. I love this outfit!
    I also think I'm in love with your hair, what are your secrets for getting it so long!!
    Great blog


    1. Before i killed it with bleach i would have said: brush it every other day maximum, don't use a hair dryer/straighteners, don't wash it every single day and don't dye it.

      I'd pretty much say the same thing now, if you have to put heat on it always use defence spray! The less you harm your hair the healthier it will be and faster it will grow I guess?

  3. Yay congrats on the gym thing x

  4. I love this outfit, the top is amazing! I really want to start wearing my floral crowns more but my sister always laughs at me.
    Fab post! x

    1. I always get looks from the small minded people of my town when I wear mine to work but I honestly don't care, just brush it off and laugh in your head about how boring they are (thats what I do) :) xxx

  5. I love this outfit! Topshop cami's are just gorgeous, I too very naughtily treated myself to one today. Well done with the swimming by the way, every time I try to go I just end up doing underwater handstands, not cool.


  6. You look gorgeous. I love an old black look. This floral crown is spell binding! xx

  7. totally loving your dress!!!


  8. This top is so lovely, though I'd be so afraid of it all dropping off in the wash! Yay you for joining the gym, I'd love to - if only I had the money! x

    The Little Things