Thursday, 20 June 2013

Oh My Love Leopard Print Kimono

Oh My Love Leopard Print Kimono - c/o
Black Silk Cut Out Dress - Topshop
Cut Out 'Aubrey' Boots - Topshop

Told you I had a kimono problem. But look at how good this fringed leopard print one is! The lovely people are sent this to last week and it was love at first wear. Usually kimonos are a floral print but I love the feisty leopard print of this one with amazing fringing. 

I decided to pair it with this cut out lace dress from Topshop which has become a staple in my wardrobe since I bought it. I love the little side cut out, it gives such a beautiful detail to an otherwise plain dress. I am however gutted that since I bought it on my uniform at work it has now hit the sale, the blue version is sweet too though. Hmm.

I quite like this hairstyle on other girls but I don't know how well it works with my multicoloured/toned hair? It kept looking weird in pictures and it really shows up my roots/terrible box dyeing skills.

Basically everything in my life at the moment is about Glastonbury, excitement overload! I keep talking about it and annoying people but I don't think anybody understands how excited I am to go for the first time ever. Meeeeep!

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  1. i absolutely love your boots and i like your hair like this too :) x

  2. you look gorgeous! that kimono is so cool!

  3. love this kimono how pretty!! xx

  4. This is super cute. I LOVE the top bun on you too.

    Ava Tallulah

  5. love the kimono. Ahh Glastonbury is soooo close, I'm mega excited. the first time you go is always the most special :) x

  6. loove the dress :D awesome look! ♥

  7. I absolutely love this outfit! x

  8. The kimono is gorgeous and I really want to get my hands on that Topshop dress! :)