Friday, 24 May 2013

Ta-ra for now!

As you may have noticed I have been very quite on the blog front recently. I haven't done a proper outfit post in months and any sort of real post has been lacking for quite a few weeks now. I suppose it won't come as a shock when I say I have decided to take a little break from blogging.

It could be three days, three weeks or three months - I just don't know. I still love reading everybody else's blogs but am completely uninspired when it comes to my own. I feel like I just need a little rest from it instead of telling myself I need to write something, and then beating myself up when I don't. 

I do not feel inspired by fashion at the moment, or music, or clothes, or anything. This is a very strange thing for me as they are the things that usually make me breathe. I know it will all come back to me soon but it is just a matter of time. Sharing everything can be exhausting sometimes I guess. I've also experienced a real dip in confidence recently and posting pictures of myself on the internet just does not appeal when I feel at my worst in a long time. 

My blog has been a part of my life since I was eighteen and I cannot imagine ever not blogging. I will be back, and hopefully quite soon. Currently I am writing down lots of notes on what I want my blog to be and finding out how to do it. I just need to kick start my desire to write again.

For now however you can catch me making loads of noise here:

Twitter: Robyn_Lynch
Instagram: Robyn_Lynch


  1. I hope you feel up for blogging again soon lovely. Your blog has forever been one of my favourites and I hope the next few weeks are full of inspiration and that you realise how great and lovely you are : ) xxx

  2. I think it's really healthy to step back and take a little break sometimes. I'm sure once you have got some head space and the pressure is off, you will begin to feel more inspired again. That dress looks beautiful on you by the way :) x

  3. I hope you get some inspiration soon amigo, I'll miss your blog when it's gone but I know where you'e coming from and I think sometimes a little break is best! xxx

  4. i'll definitely miss your blog but i completely understand how you feel. i often feel like crap about myself & its hard to put yourself out there when you feel like that. hope you feel up to it again soon xx

  5. feeling the same atm! I have done since last Christmas but I kept myself going trying to blog but tbh its never really come back.. Just not into it anymore! which makes me sad, I'll probably carry on and jus turn it into a travelling blog when I go away hahah.
    Hope you get some inspiration as I would be sad not to read your blog anymore :( x

  6. I hope you're okay pretty lady <3 you'll start feeling inspired again soon, it'll just take something magical to kick start it! Always here if you need me! xx

  7. I totally understand and I am sure everybody else does too. Have a nice break and do come back when it feels right to do so. I will miss your blog!xx

  8. Really sad to hear but it's definitely the best thing to do - forcing it never helps with creativity and inspiration, especially not with writing! I'll look forward to seeing you back :-)

  9. I kinda feel the same right now..! I'm just going through the motions with mine, and struggling to find the time to read & comment on others' blogs. I always find going out and doing stuff inspires me, like galleries and gigs, rather than just being sat in front of the computer looking at pictures & listening to music.

    We'll def keep in touch on Twitter but I would love to see a post full of your Budapest pics!