Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Currently Coveting: Pineapple Print

1 Dress - ASOS // 2 Cover Up - Topshop // 3 Bikini - River Island
4 Sunglasses - M&S // 5 Dress - Lazy Oaf // 6 Bandeau - Forever 21
7 Shorts - Lazy Oaf // 8 Bikini - Topshop // 9 Shirt - River Island
10 Crop Top - Miss Guided

At work recently I have fallen in love with this pineapple print bikini (8). I didn't think a fruit I am actually allergic to would ever become the focus of my adoration however recently pineapple print things have been popping up everywhere and I am smitten.

While a little exotic, the pineapple print is a fun print for the summer which is just a little bit more interesting than the florals we see everywhere for this time of year. Add a bit of a punch to your outfit with one of these pineapple print pieces which will sure to have you looking a tad more zesty in no time! 

While I have no need for a bikini this year (or desire to wear one) the ASOS dress (1) is too cute to ignore as is this Forever 21 bandeau which would be perfect for sunbathing in. What do you think of the pineapple trend? Will you be pushing a pineapple away or shaking the tree to get your mitts on this print?

R x


  1. Pineapples are freaking awesome - AND TASTY! xx

  2. wow how LUSH! my current obsession is probably a sunflower but couldnt spot anything with sunflower patterns wails. I am loving the dresses x

    The Young Bridget Jones

  3. I have weirdly fallen in love with Pineapples too, I hate the taste but love the look of them.. I bought the bottoms from Forever 21 (not the top though) but there weirdly rushed at the bak and make my arse look SO weird but i love the print

  4. The Lazy Oaf stuff!!! They are always so good.

  5. Number 6!! I'm still not decided about forever 21 but that is super cute, maybe you're swaying me towards both pineapples and forever 21 x

    PS: the whole of the Lazy Oaf new collection is amazing! x

  6. lovely blog<3
    you're in my blogroll :)


  7. Ahh amazing print! Love the shirt and the sunglasses! x


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  9. Awesome print! Very tropical and interesting, always remind me of summer love. And I agree florals were too mainstream. I have been into fashion review magazine way back then and this pattern always intrigued me. Men could also look great on this designs, perfect transition from their sharp, formal suit with cravats and mens bow ties.

  10. I love pineapples ! :D