Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Instalife 3/4/13

Being a geek at work / Easter egg cake / Easter Roast
Festival photo frame / Bestival Benefit / Posing
New Boots / Jasper / Lipstick collection

Hey gang! I thought I would be able to do outfit posts more often after I finished interning but in truth things have gotten more mental. I really hope I can get one for you this week as it has been bugging me I haven't done one for ages and I have so many new clothes to share with you!

This weekend was spent in Liverpool (see previous post). I also bought the most beautiful new boots from Topshop and bought my Glastonbury ticket yesterday - que super duper excitement. Festivals are my favourite thing and I simply cannot wait for it to be festival season again.

I hope you have all been good and I hope to be posting again properly soon, 

R x


  1. Mm that cake looks DELICIOUS!
    And those boots are insanely good <3

    Rosie x

  2. Love the boots - they are amazing!! x

  3. the boots are A M A Z I N G! :D

  4. lovely photos! Aww I'm so jealous!! I didn't manage to get one but I'll definitely be trying on the 21st!!

    Hannah xx

  5. those boots are pretty badass! I need to remember to pay for my ticket before next monday!x

  6. good lipstick choices! ;) xxx