Saturday, 13 April 2013

Empties / Products I've Used Up Vlog 13/4/13

Hey guys!! Here is my first ever proper vlog, such an attractive screen cap to go with it haha. I decided to do an 'Empties / Products I've Used Up' video as I really enjoy watching those ones and had quite a lot of bits I have used up recently.

Let me know your thoughts, if you like my video then I can do more - if not then you'll never have to put up with my over use of the words 'like' and 'urm' again. The sound seems to be a bit unsynced now I have uploaded it.. anybody know how to fix that?

R x


  1. Haha I've never watched an empties vlog before.. but I just watched to see what you sounded like and I wasn't disappointed. You're going to hate this.. you're CUTE! :P But in a totally amazing girl way, not a kiddy way.

    I also have to rebuy lipsticks due to losing.. I've NEVER used a whole one.

  2. fab vlog! I love that kate moss lipstick too!!

    Hannah xx

  3. gorgeous style, adoring your blog!
    check out our new blog – behind the scenes at our fashion agency!

    lots of love from La-La Land

  4. I love that you've started making video's! xx

  5. i've gotten SUPER into watching peoples vlogs in the last few weeks and it's been making me want to start doing it myself but i'm not that brave just yet! i did like you video though, i especially love rimmel lipsticks and soap & glory products too.

    little henry lee