Saturday, 9 March 2013

Instalife 9/3/2013

First Vintage Stall / Albums / Photoshoot
Looking Ragged / Shaun Walsh / Humming Bird Bakery
On The Road / Restocking Vintage Stall / Charity Shop Decoration

This week was my second week interning at Company and it has been as full on as the first. I held my first ever vintage stall in my home town of Basingstoke on Saturday which was a success (read here) before heading back to London.

This week at Company I attended a photo shoot which was super fun. It will be in the May issue and I am already excited to see the finished result. I fell in love with this models amazing hair - previously I thought I had long hair but she puts mine to shame. Ugh. We keep getting complimentary food at Company HQ which includes this red velvet Humming Bird Bakery cup cake, my favourite ever cake! 

I did something I hadn't done in a while and bought a few CD's this week. This Fidlar one I am holding actually says 'Don't Fuck With' which is quite fun. I am loving my new Ragged Priest beanie which is adapt - can you see how bad the bags are under my eyes here? Haha. Another first this week was going to see some live stand up comedy, we saw Shaun Walsh at The Comedy Store. All the acts were great but I actually slapped my thigh in a fit of lol's at one point during his set. Brilliant.

Hope you've all had a good week? Next week is my last being in London and interning. It has gone so fast I can hardly believe it!

R x


  1. oh, the model's hair is just beautiful! why can't my hair look like that? sigh. sounds like you've been having such a lovely time interning in london! xx

  2. Glad to hear your first fair went well! The models hair is so beautiful too, I've got a full on case of green eyed monster going on! xo

  3. Oh Robyn you pretty little thing , love that ragged beanie xx

  4. Ahh Company sounds amazing! I have the Ragged Priest beanie too, swear it's never off my head- much better than brushing my hair though! x

  5. Your internship sounds amazing, I'm super jealous! I'd love to read a post all about your experience there when you finish! Yummm the cakes sound delicious :) xxx