Friday, 1 March 2013

Instalife 01/03/2013

Cat Hat // Pay Day Cocktails // Django Django
Palma Violets // Tea and Cake // Hot Tub Cinema
New Favourite Dress // Tickets // Lush Bath Bar

I don't do Instagram posts very often but I thought I would this week to tell you what I have been up to. 

I had my first week interning at Company Magazine this week which was wonderful. I had a couple of things up on the site which you can read here and here. I am also looking after the Twitter feed and researching blogs for another feature so if you want me to check yours out then leave me a link below! Jameela Jamil also came into the office which I got very excited about. She is just as beautiful and fun in real life, total babe alert! 

As well as working at Company I went to the NME Awards Tour on Saturday night to see Peace, Palma Violets, Miles Kane and Django Django which was so good! I saw Palma Violets again last night and went to an event called Hot Tub Cinema on Wednesday. Watching Austin Powers in a hot tub drinking complementary champagne was amazing - more on that in another post though.

Tonight I've just gotten home and had a bath with my new Lush Bath Bar which was dreamy. Tomorrow I am up again early to do my first ever vintage stall which I am really excited about too.

Hope you've all had a good week?

R x


  1. I love instagram posts :) So jealous about Palma Violets, I love their music at the moment, were they good live? Alos you can never beat a good lush bath bomb!!


  2. Omg the cat hat!!!!!!! LOVE !xxx

  3. Ah the cat hat is too good. I'm so jealous that you went to the NME tour! sounds amazing. I love the ten best pinafores that you've chosen, definitely helping me decide which one to buy! xx

  4. that cat hat is one of the best things I've ever seen! x

  5. Cat hat is too cute! & the tea and cake pic had made me hungry...

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  6. glad the internship is going well :) the cat hat is amazing! x

  7. The cat hat is the cutest thing ever! I hope you have fun interning at company mag, it sounds like a dream! x

  8. Got to love a bit of vintage, love your style and your blog so much! x *Following*