Sunday, 17 March 2013

Instalife 17/3/2012

Glow Sticks // Lola Cupcakes // Celebratory Lambrini
Comic Relief // Sexiest Man Alive // Times Red
Thank You Present // Favourite Outfit // Sunday Selfie

I am really sorry about the lack of interesting posts, my last week interning was hectic however I am back home now so expect an outfit post tomorrow (rain permitting)!

I went to Drink Shop Do in Kings Cross on Saturday, it is the cutest bar/club ever with amps on the walls, afternoon tea during the day and all sorts of other kitsch things. My friend tried to drunkenly eat a glow stick so I had to perform first aid which was hilarious both at the time and in hindsight. 

As it was Comic Relief on Friday we had an animal onesie day at Company HQ which was so much fun, X-Facotr band Times Red also came in and played a few songs for us which was cool. I got given the most amazing goodie bag as a thank you - it has everything from Nars, Urban Decay, andYSL to Calvin Klein beauty products in there. I plan to do a proper post on it soon. There was also cause from celebratory drinks, hopefully I can reveal all tomorrow!

R x


  1. you have it spot on with the sexiest man alive! Also your goodie bag looks fab, can't wait to see what's in it!x

  2. lovely photos and the cupcakes looks soo yummie! :D

  3. cherry lambo, cause girls just wanna have fun... preferably with alex turner. how perfect does he look on this cover?!!?!? couldn't resist buying it either xxx

  4. cute blog, i love the black rose crown in your profile picture.

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    Rachael x

  5. Lovely pics! Looks like you had a fun week :) Glowsticks are evil haha I remember bursting them all over myself once at a gig and they literally burnt through my clothes and dissolved my nail varnish eek!
    Rachelle x

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    Lovely greets Nessa