Friday, 1 February 2013

You Ask Me To Stay, But There's A Million Reasons To Leave

Bowler Hat - H&M
White Lace Shirt - Topshop
Black Pinafore Dress - Topshop
Cut Out Boots - Topshop
Multiple Crosses Ring - Topshop
Arty Ring - Yves Saint Laurent 

My outfit posts this week seem to have inadvertently turned into a 'how to wear' of this lace shirt from Topshop. I bought it for my Company mag internship interview but it has quickly become one the most versatile and worn pieces in my wardrobe, I love it. While I love this denim pinafore dress, I am obsessed with pinafores, I don't think it is actually very flattering on. My hips are my biggest body bug and this picture was the best of the bunch and it still makes me a bit nervy posting it incase I look a bit big. 

I have come down with tonsillitis again this week (waahhh, boooo, hissss). I HATE having it and suffer with it nearly every winter non-stop. Sometimes I find people who haven't had it are all like 'stop whinging it's just a sore throat', it is horrendous. My neck is the fattest thing covered in lumps where my glands are so swollen and it hurts to swallow my own saliva. Bright light is also currently not a friend to my eyes. Bah. Painting the fittest picture of myself to you guys today.

I also just wanted to say a big thanks to everybody recently. I have seen so much increased traffic and followers over the last few weeks so HIHIHI to you all and I love you.

Of course this little ditty was going to appear on here this week. I have loved The Strokes for years and years and years, I have some of their lyrics tattooed down one of my arms I am that in awe of them. The bands fifth album is out at the end of March and I for one cannot wait to hear it and possibly see them tour again. 

R x


  1. I have those cut out boots in black. Best boots ever!


  2. You look gorgeous Robyn, as always.
    The dress is a winner!

    Rosie x

  3. Seriously all variations of the white shirt are way versatile. I like mine for 90's-ing up pretty much everything!

    Feel better soon, I've had tonsillitis before and you are quite right, it's evil.

  4. i was a bit unsure of this song the first time i heard it but i cannot stop listening to it now! the strokes can do no wrong x

  5. Sooooo cute , I love your style Robyn! X

  6. boo hope you feel better soon, I've had tonsillitis and it was one of the illest I've felt. you look great here there though xx

  7. lovr the ysl ring and the wee sleeves. super cute. get well soon x

  8. Still loving that top, and your rings actually! xo

  9. Cute!


  10. Love the background of your photos!

  11. I love that whole outfit and for some reason I kant stop obsessing over your eyebrows .. perfection is an understatement!

  12. Love the layering and this outfit! Wanting those boots!


  13. I absolutely love your tattoo!
    It's really inspired me to get one there! :)

  14. I have wide hips too! You look so lovely in these pictures.
    I get so nervous about wearing things that sit on my hips or highlight them in any way, but you look really great!xxx