Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Single Girls Guide To Valentines Day

It's that time of year again when love is all around and our hearts fill with fondness for a certain other. Or as in my case, not. This year I will be all by myself once again on Valentines Day and I know how upsetting it can be to see our friends or even strangers, extremely loved up. 

A little while ago The Money Supermarket emailed me and told me about a project they were working on with bloggers called "What's In Your Wallet?'. They wanted to give me £20 to do whatever I liked with to make myself feel good and I thought what perfect timing it was to pamper myself on Valentines Day. You can read more about the challenge here.

While you might be alone on Valentines Day that doesn't mean you can't be treated like a princess by none other than yourself! We all deserve to feel the love even if it is treating yourself to your favourite things.

1/ Get Baking

I don't know about anybody else but nothing gets me more excited than hatching a baking plan. In the past I have baked Valentines themed cakes for the man in my life and I don't think it has ever been appreciated for the effort involved quite as much as it should be. I made these little cupcakes above and decorated them with some Haribo and Love Hearts to enjoy on Valentines Day. 

2/ Make Yourself Lush

Theres nothing better than having a bath with your favourite bubbles to ease away the pains of seeing bouquets of flowers and romantic gestures on Facebook. 'The Comforter' from Lush is one of my all time favourite bath products. It comes in this bar form which you run under the tap and break bits off from. It smells like the most delicious sweets, turns your bath pink and makes you smell like a heavenly dream.

3/ Get Your Pout On

I have been dreaming of this Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in 107 for months. It sold out before I could purchase it the first time round but now I finally have it. I love having a new lipstick and wearing it always makes me feel just that little better than normal. Get yourself a striking red pout and give any pretty boys you do see on Valentines a big old smile! 

4/  Nail It

Another thing that makes me feel good about myself is painting my nails in a new shade and watching a film. This metallic pink varnish from Topshop is perfect for cheering yourself up and feeling good. 

If your single this Valentines Day then know that you are not alone and lots of other lovely girls are too! Show yourself some love and indulge yourself in all your favourite things, nobody will appreciate it more than you! And just think, all the things we love for Valentines Day boys usually don't and your efforts are better spent on the best person in the world - you. You also won't have to participate in a certain other day on March 14th without anything in return either ;)

R x


  1. who needs boys aye! & these cakes look so good xxx

  2. Love this post, the cakes look lovely!

  3. Beb, me and my other half don't even bother doing anything for Valentines, ha! I think the most I do is purchase one of those Valentine-y cupcakes from Greggs, ha! xo

  4. Great post! Those cupcakes look delicious! And I agree, painting my nails always makes me feel better :)

  5. such a lovely post! I completely agree that time on yourself is always well deserved :)! Those cakes look so yummy too! xx

  6. great goodies and lovely treats for yourself! love the cupcakes! x

  7. these cupcakes are so cute!!

  8. Although I'm not single, I will be alone on Valentine's day so I might use some of this to cheer me up! Lovely post xo

  9. Ohh, those cupcakes are adorable, you're making me hungry looking at them! Aha :)
    And yesss, Lush is just amazing <33 I've not tried 'The Comforter' though, might have to give it a go, it sounds lovely!

  10. that lipstick is great, I have the same one, I really love the fruity smell and color :)