Monday, 18 February 2013

London Fashion Week: Exhibitions

While at Somerset House to attend London Fashion Week on Friday we also had a look around the exhibition spaces. I never thought in my life I would have one of the LFW lanyards with my name on it however this little dream came true on Friday with big thanks to my blog. London Fashion Week now accommodate bloggers separately to press and I was able to que up and gain an exhibition pass which I was very pleased about. 

The exhibition spaces inside Somerset House were filled with designers from Topshop to Doc Martens and lots of little known, to me anyway, brands. I took a few snaps of my favourite things from inside the exhibition spaces which included the amazing hats below and LED boots. Being a Topshop employee I also really enjoyed their area. The mannequins inside showed off the new J.W Anderson collection that had been released that day with gum ball machines that dispensed pin badges from your designer of choice. 

As I mentioned in my previous LFW post I decided to go just a few days beforehand and was horrendously unprepared. I had such a good experience on the day I went this year so plan to go again come September with a killer outfit, business cards and hopefully some show invites in hand. 

R x


  1. i am so jealous that you got to attend, well done though :-) i think it's awesome that people are finally realising just how influential bloggers really are! xx

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time, incredibly jealous! xx

  3. SO jealous that you were at LFW! Looks amazing x

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  4. SO jealous right now! You lucky girl!
    Lovely photography and I really hope you had a fabulous time:)
    Georgia x

  5. I love the shoes and the necklace because they are quite unique and beautiful..:)
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  6. Lucky you! I nearly died when I saw those docs. Great photos =) xx

    1. me too!!! you are soooo lucky!!!!!!
      Follow me?
      -Jen <3 :D

  7. sooo jealous looks like it was blummin larrrvely! x

  8. This looks so cool! I wish I could have gone to the exhibition!
    - Charlotte

  9. omg, the studded docs are perfect! <3

  10. Those docs are insaaaaaane :| it looks amazing there, lucky you, I'm so jealous!xx

  11. so jealous! some great shots here xo