Friday, 8 February 2013

iPhone Give Away

Give Away time! As you might know I had my iPhone 4S stolen at the end of November, which was very annoying to say the least. I had asked my brother for this super amazing cross-stitch iPhone 4 case for Christmas and he had already ordered it before I had my phone stolen. Today I bought a Samsung as a cheap replacement so will not be needing this case and thought I would give it away. I also bought this sparkly holder from h&m for the phone to go in to accompany the cross-stitch case.

The cross-stitch case has lots of tiny holes in it so you can sew your own design onto your case! I wanted to do the heart one featured but there are other templates - or you can design your own. It doesn't come with a needle or threads but they would cost pennies from Fabric Land, John Lewis or somewhere similar.

If you want to win just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. The give away will run from 8th-15th Feb and there will be one winner. International entries are welcomed. 


  1. The cross stitch case is such a clever idea! My current case is falling apart so I'll permanently have my fingers crossed until the giveaway ends xx

  2. such a lovely giveaway! I love getting new stuff to my iPhone so ofcourse I´m joining this! ♥

    ps: so sad that your phone got stolen :(

  3. Still sad that your phone got stolen too, I've only just got managed to sort out my insurance for my new one its been a nightmare! so now I've actually spent £100 on buying an old 4S off a friend then £100 excess insurance. Brilliant. Muggers make me SO ANGRY!!!!

  4. To have a cross stitch case is a good idea, but i still like funky colored cases, which are rare to find in cross stitch cases.

    Sara William
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