Saturday, 12 January 2013

What's In My Bag...

Yearly Planner - Paperchase
'Be A Unicorn' Kitty Planner - Robyn Toria
The worlds oldest iPod
Panasonic Headphones
The worlds worst phone
Cath Kidston passport holder
Sephora lipstick
Pomegranate Carmex 
Max Factor face powder
Heart shaped camera case 
Stud Purse - Primark
Holographic make up bag - Forever 21

I know everybody loves a nosey 'What's In My Bag' post so I thought I would do one today and also show you the lovely tote bag I won in a blog give away a few weeks ago. The bag was made by Hannah who runs the shop createdbyhannah on etsy. I love her designs and just had to enter Lyzi from Being Little's blog give away. I haven't won anything in ages so was very pleased to win this cute tote bag. All of the createdbyhannah designs can be customised, I love anything with my name, or even an 'R' on it so this was right up my street.

The contents of my bag are not as exciting as some peoples. You may have spotted, and laughed at, my Alcatel phone and huge iPod. I had my iPhone 4GS stolen late last year, it was on a brand new contract and I didn't have insurance (doh) so for now this is all I can afford as a replacement. I like to keep my diary with me at all times as I am very forgetful, and this amazing cat with 'Be A Unicorn' slogan notebook to jot all my best ideas into. Also loving that my make up bag matches my new holographic handbag - shiny things rule!

Be sure to enter my own give away to be in with a chance of winning a beauty pampering kit. You can enter HERE.

Have a happy weekend,

R x


  1. pomegranite carmex, love it! im a total carmex addict and its always in my bag! x

  2. Your bag is so cute, lucky you winning it! xo

  3. That bag is gorgeous. I had no idea there was such a thing as pomegranate Carmex, I just thought it was mint and cherry! xo

  4. That bag is gorgeous!
    I think I'm gonna invest in one, they're so cheap! :)

  5. Lovely bag!


  6. great collection in your bag :)

    I love you diary.

  7. Absolutely adore the bag, Robyn! And your retro iPod ;) - great post! Xxx

  8. I really like these kind of posts :) It's always interesting to see what other bloggers carry with them x

  9. Your bag is lovely! These types of posts are my favourite! x

  10. love your bag!

  11. I love these kind of posts (you're right, I'm super-nosey!)and what a cool bag! I love the Primark purse and your ancient IPod...I have one that's coming along in years too, hahaha x

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