Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Share: Beautiful Photography

This week's Sunday Share theme is beautiful photography. I love blogs that have beautiful aesthetics and look just like an online magazine. I am so jealous of people who are masters of their cameras and can create outfit posts that looks like they are straight out of a magazine editorial spread. While I am just mastering the settings on my tiny digital camera and playing around with Photoshop to varying degrees of success, or not, these guys are masters. 

Pink Bow was among the group of the very first blogs I ever read. Paula's photographs are simply stunning and I love her elegant and sophisticated style. Her blog documents her daily musings and adventures with her own lady like touch on every blog post. I am also always in awe of her incredible designer bag collection. 

Lily's blog Red Brick Lipstick is a whimsical escape with her ever gorgeous photography and sense of style. A 17 year old blogger I am always so impressed with her talent when it comes to photography, and Lily's sense of style when putting together outfit posts. Her 'Pups of 2012' post also had me 'awhhing' away with cuteness. 

What can I say about Carrie's blog that hasn't been said before? Her photography is utterly divine and her sense of style is spot on lady-like perfection with a vintage twist. The queen of red lipstick and beehives, her world is perfectly documented with a retro eye on her blog Wish Wish Wish. 

Whenever I check Olivia's blog, What Olivia Did, I am always so in awe of her sense of style and beautiful photographs. Olivia is always up to something fun and I love her '5 Minutes With...' posts often including musicians I really adore. Olivia's outfit posts nearly always have me yearning for her looks and ability to put together a stunning outfit.

R x


  1. So awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I follow all the blogs you mentioned and I couldn't agree more! I'm still trying to work out the 'look' that i'm going for but these ladies nail it!
    Rachelle x

  3. I love Wish Wish Wish! I'd never heard of Pink Bow, thanks for sharing! x

  4. Pink Bow was also one of the first blogs I ever read! Great picks xo

  5. All amazing - I wish my photography skills were even half as good as this!

    Rosie x

  6. I have to agree, Olivia and Carrie have amazingly amaze style. Everytime I go on their blogs I just wanna cry because I desperately want to own everything they covet!

    Gemma x

  7. Olivia, Lily and Carrie have all been on my feed for a long time - such beautiful ladies with incredible blogs! Paula's new to me though - veeery impressed!

  8. lovely blogs, I've just found you through Paula's and started following through bloglovin! I'll have to check the others out :)

    Hannah xx

  9. thank-you so much for the mention robyn! and for the loving words, it's a true pleasure to be featured alongside such amazing names. so thank-you very much!

  10. I love Wish Wish Wish, I've been following her for years, I love her style :)