Thursday, 17 January 2013

Monthly Reads: January

I first saw the idea for a 'Monthly Reads' post over on Hello October and really liked it as a refreshing blog post idea. As a teenager I was never without a book and would, before the days of MSN Messenger, Myspace and Hotmail, read before bed every night. Now we are so switched on 24-7 I often shut my laptop down, put it on the floor next to my bed and go to sleep. 

This was until late last year when I picked up the first book in years, or since Harry Potter if I am honest, which had me laughing, crying and nodding along with every page. Since then I have decided to read a book a month and share them with you. I also read a lot of magazines so have decided to include those in my 'Monthly Reads'.

Company Magazine: I love Company Magazine. Ever since their redesign I have religiously bought it on the first day of publication each month. I cannot get enough of the fashion, music or lifestyle content and trend prediction within each issue that always introduces me to something new.

NME - New Music Special: I have a love/hate relationship with the NME. I hate how pretentious it has been over the years, how every new band will 'save music' and how if two bands come from the same city it is the 'new hot scene'. I also hate how it is now nearly double the price it was when I first started buying it. I love how it is informative, easy to read and has interviews with bands I am interested in. I love how it constantly introduces me to new bands every single week and tells me when they are playing. I love how it is still lining my bedroom walls ten years on. 

Keith Richards 'Life': I have been obsessed with The Rolling Stones for years, they were one of the first bands I listened to with my Dad and ever since I have loved them. They are the ultimate rock and roll band whose legacy will stride on for decades to come. My copy of Keith Richard's autobiography is a bit battered as I have already attempted to read it once but was doing my dissertation at the time and became distracted. This time however I am flipping each page over eagerly. 

Which books and magazines are you reading this month?

R x


  1. i love company!especially the new layout!my dad got me a more magazine subscription for xmas!x

  2. Company is the only magazine I really love, I have the same love/hate relationship with Kerrang!

    Great idea! More people need to get back to reading!


  3. This month I've read The Virgin Suicides, a small book of Rumi poems.. and Grazia. Haha! I have mixed feelings about Company: it could be SO good but I wish they didn't nick so much content from the internet and wax lyrical about the same bloggers all the time. I can just log on my computer and look at that stuff.

  4. yey we both finally got a copy! I'm the same since there re-design I buy it every month without fail.

    I'm reading american psycho at the minute but I struggle to find the time with all my uni work to do. might have to start setting an hour aside a night.

  5. I have so many half read books in my bedroom! I don't subscribe to one mag, I like to mix it up a bit! I actually haven't bought Company in a while, might cop one next time I spot it.

    The Style Rawr!

  6. This month I'm reading "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen and I've been reading a pile of art books plus some fashion magazines. Unfortunately, I still have a bunch to read for my English class...

  7. I was exactly the same when I was younger, constantly reading, got a computer and reading went out of the window! I've recently too, over the last three months of so, decided I need to read more, especially as I have so many! I've put all my books on display and each time I finish reading one, I store it away, I'm hoping eventually I'll have no more books on show! Great post xx

  8. Brilliant blog! Just found you via Gem Fatale's blog.

    I recently read a chapter in Caitlin Moran's 'Moranthology' in which she interviewed Keith was so funny and memorable that I dreamt of Keith last night and will now go and get his book. Thanks for reminding me! I used to read a heck of a lot when I was younger, always with some music playing on my headphones but having a laptop put the stoppers on that for quite a few years. I'm treating myself to some quiet reading time now and feel a lot better for it!

    Good luck and have fun on your internship :)

    Jo x