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Picking the perfect party dress with

If you follow me on Twitter (Robyn_Lynch) you will have read last night about my drama with trying to choose a suitable dress for New Years Eve. It is the one night of the year where you have every reason to doll yourself up, don the fake eyelashes and heels, and look your very best to welcome in the new year with style. I was contacted by who have put together 6 Steps To Choosing The Party Dress That's Right For You to help you out this party season! I have also picked out some of my favourite party dresses from the site to inspire you for New Years Eve 2012. 

6 Steps To Choosing The Party Dress That’s Right For You

Choosing party dresses can seem like a daunting task. There’s so much choice it’s hard to know where to start so taking the time to stop and work out what you want is the best way to get this mission impossible scaled down to an easy to manage task.

1/ What’s The Occasion?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what is the occasion that you need the dress for? Is it for a garden party or a wedding? A christening or a night out with the girls? The occasion dramatically affects the dress that you should choose: colour, style and length are all determined by this, so make sure that when you’re shopping, you keep the occasion firmly fixed in your mind and don’t let yourself get distracted. 

2/ What’s Your Budget?

Before you plan on making any big purchases, it’s always important to assess how much you can spend. You don’t want to break the bank when buying the perfect dress and there’s simply no point in wasting your time looking at party dresses that are well out of your price range. 

3/ What’s Your Shape?

Knowing your shape is extremely important, as this can help you focus on the styles that will suit you best. This means you’ll spend less time looking at dresses, less time in the fitting room and will have more free time for coffee with the girls. 

4/ What Cut Do You Want?

It’s also a good idea to decide if you want a short or long dress before you go out shopping to ensure you don’t waste time. Knowing if you want straps or strapless can be helpful too as it can ensure you wear the right bra when trying dresses on. Always try to think of the cut that will flatter you the most and ask for advice from others if needed.

5/ What Colour Do You Want?

Choosing colour before you go dress shopping can help you really focus your search on what you want to look at and can also be helpful if you plan to look at bags and shoes at the same time, ensuring you can match them all.

6/ What Season Is It?

The season may affect the fabrics available to you and may also affect the cut and colours that will be available to you. Looking for a black dress in summer may be hard, as will trying to find something colourful in winter. Take this into account when you’re planning what you want to buy so that you don’t set out with unrealistic expectations.

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  1. Great post with lots of good advice. I really love the last black dress, that is gorgeous. I'll be seeing in the new year in the comfort of my bed in my pj's, I'm far too boring to go out on New Years, haha.