Saturday, 8 December 2012

One Last Push With All The Strength Of Us All, Can You Give It?

Floral Crown - Crown & Glory
Blue Sparkly Skater Dress - Topshop
Elephant / Hamsa Hand Necklace - Self Made
Lace Up Boots - Primark

Just a quick little outfit post to show you what I am wearing to my friends birthday house party this evening. I bought this dress before heading to Amsterdam last week for another friends birthday to see The Maccabees and The Black Keys (I will be doing a post on it soon). Sparkly things aren't usually for me I found myself strangely attracted to this light blue dress with gold thread running through it. I absolutely love the flattering shape of this dress and think it is just perfect for the party season as it can be dressed up or down without looking too much. I plan to wear it for New Years Eve too, wherever I may end up!

While in Amsterdam I picked up this elephant charm shopping which I have put on my travel necklace. The hamsa hand charm I bought travelling around San Diego earlier this year and I love the idea of picking up a little charm everywhere I go to put on this necklace! Heres to many more adventures and many more charms!

It might have escaped your attention but I am a huge, no massive, no colossal, Maccabees fan. I have seen them more times than I can count (I think around the 10-15 mark) and each time they've brought something new for me to love. From first seeing them in Portsmouth when I was sixteen (7 years ago, ahem) to seeing them last weekend I have been in love with them. All three of their albums bring something different yet incredible to the table and I cannot wait to see where they turn next. 'Can You Give It?' has always been on of my favourite Maccabees songs and when they played it last Monday night I simply couldn't contain my joy!

R x


  1. I really wasn't sure on this dress when I first saw it as I preferred the lighter coloured version of it which my friend has and I have borrowed a few times, but seeing it on I have to say its lovely and I may even get myself it!

    lucy x

  2. The dress is lovely for party season! Also I really love the idea of picking up charms round the world for a necklace :)

  3. Love this dress xx

  4. The elephant necklace is soo cute , love your boots too xx

  5. ohhh i want a floral crown so much, you rock it! xx

  6. this outfit is super gorgeous!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  7. Love your topshop dress! This is a lovely outfit- and love the boots! So nice for primark, *WANT*
    Daniella x

  8. Oooh I love that dress, the colour suits you. So jealous that you saw Maccabees AND The Black Keys! xo

  9. you look great, I adore the dress and floral crown

    ordaining serendipity