Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Adventures: Amsterdam


At the beginning of this month I went to Amsterdam to celebrate one of my best friends birthdays. Arriving on Saturday morning we were there for four awesome days of fun and frolics. We spent the weekend shopping, exploring and partying which are three of my favourite things. It may have rained almost the entire weekend but we still had a fabulous time. 

Our first day in Amsterdam was a Saturday, after getting ever so slightly tipsy on the flight there we found our hostel and had a little mooch around our neighbourhood. We waited for some of our other friends to arrive before heading out for a few first night drinks and taking in a bit of the culture.

Sunday saw us explore the Nine Streets area where we picked up some awesome vintage bits and enjoyed all the local shops. Before dinner we headed to Anne Frank's house to get a real life view of her world famous diary and fully appreciate the hardship she and so many others went through. That evening we headed out for yet more drinks and ended up in what was possibly the worst club in the world, but we all had a ball regardless.

My favourite day in Amsterdam was definitely Monday. Celebrating our friends birthday with breakfast pastries in (bunk) bed, we headed out for food and got our snaps taken at the I Amsterdam sign before heading back to the hostel for pre-drinks. We decided to go Amsterdam as The Black Keys and The Maccabees were playing on our friends birthday, and what a gig it was! The Maccabees were just sublime and absolutely made my weekend. Seeing The Black Keys for the third time this year was the icing on top of my weekend and were followed by a very boozy and absolutely hilarious post-gig pub session which was followed by lots of laughing at the sights of the Red Light District.

Heading home on Tuesday we got absolutely drenched while finding breakfast and making our way to the airport. I loved our time in Amsterdam and laughed so hard my ribs hurt on more than one occasion.  I absolutely love going on little Euro trips abroad and hope that next year has many more of them. 

My camera broke while I was there, and the pictures I did take were terrible, so these are the best of my friends disposable camera and iphone snaps. Hope you enjoyed them!

R x


  1. Ah yay, looks and sounds like you had an amazing time!
    The disposable snaps look lush too,

    Rosie x

  2. Looks so much fun! I've been planning on going to Amsterdam myself recently but can't find the time, really need to go! I see you're wearing the Topshop blue glitter dress, I picked it up for myself the other day in meadow hall, I love it!

    lucy xx

  3. Amsterdam is one of the places that's on my list to visit! Glad you had a good time! :)

    - Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattoos
    K, xo

  4. YAY glad you had such an amazing time!! Did you get to go to any flea markets in the end? Sorry it's taken so long to say anything, first proper sit down and blog catch up/comment for months tonight!! I STILL haven't seen Maccabees, was meant to at Bestival last year but I had a kidney infection and was ill on the last night :( xx

  5. I think you may of gone around the same time as me!