Thursday, 29 November 2012

I Shimmy Shake, I Wake and Bake

Faux Fur Hat - Charity Shop
Green Plaid Shirt - Topshop (old)
Cut Out Heart Dress - c/o Fashion Culprit
Buddha Triple Chain Necklace - Topshop (sale)
White Frilly Socks - Topshop
Agyness Deyn Creepers - Dr Marten

I was sent this gorgeous little black dress from Fashion Culprit however have only just gotten round to wearing it. I love the ribbed material and cut out pattern at the back which is so cute yet just right to rock up a bit to include in an outfit I would adore. Every girl needs a little black dress, especially one with a huge heart on it!

I got this hat from a charity shop a little while ago and I love it so much, its really warm and makes me feel sort of Russian. The shirt is a really old number from Topshop, we're talking nearly 4 years however I still wear it often, its a sure fire hit one days when I can't be bothered. You can see a little flash of Ace here, he is the green skull tattoo I got in LA this year on my friends birthday. Yes he is wearing a top hat! I really want some new tattoos soon as have only gotten the one this year - if I had the money I would be covered. 

I am off to Amsterdam on Saturday for four days with my Bestival girls to see The Maccabees and The Black Keys. I cannot tell you how over excited I am for four days of absolute fun and madness in a new city. I love going on adventures (I have the word 'Adventure' tattooed on the inside of my left bicep).

I don't particularly like todays song. I really really want to love it to tiny little pieces, but I do not. I am a huge Foals fan and have previously loved everything they've made, however new track 'Inhaler' feels a bit too cock rocky and nothing like the introverted 'math-rock' I fell for. Having said that I am willing to give Foals a few more shots next year when their third studio album is released.

R x


  1. love the outfit, especially the velvet docs! soso jealous you're seeing the maccabees, have a great time and say hi to orlando for me x

  2. you look amazing,love your necklace:)

  3. Gorgeous outfit I love the background of your photographs! Love your jewellery also!

  4. youre tooo gorgeous you know!! love this outfit and your hair is alwaysss perfect xx

  5. I have a black ribbed dress similar to this, although it doesn't have the heart on the back, and it's super wearable! I like to wear mine with plaid shirts, or I have a snakeskin top that I took in with a belt :)

    Your hair and makeup are amazing, and you look lovely! xx

  6. You are gorgeous! I love the outfit too :)x

  7. That dress is so pretty! Great outfit- I love shirts like that, which can go with so many things.
    Have fun in Amsterdam, love it there!
    Daniella x

  8. Love this outfit, the shirt dresses down that dress perfectly. Your hat looks so cosy too x

  9. Love the dress! You have such a nice necklace collection xo

  10. Love the heart dress! Geez, wish I was at The Black Keys right now...enjoy!

  11. Love this outfit :) sorry if I'm being dumb, but what's an ace? Like a card? X

  12. Fur Hat,Green Plaid Shirt,Cut Out Heart Dress,Buddha Triple Chain Necklace is classy.

  13. the buddha necklace is perfect!

  14. Cute dress! :)