Thursday, 4 October 2012

You Wanna Find Love Then You Know Where The City Is

Black Rose Headband - Crown & Glory
Denim Shirt - Charity Shop
Ganesh T-Shirt - Charity Shop
Black Lycra Leggings - H&M Kids
Black Tassle Wedges - Charity Shop

I've said before on my blog that I feel like I have a bit of style schizophrenia. Half my wardrobe is like below: pretty floral dress, and the other half is like this. I don't think there is anything wrong with this and actually I actively try to wear different looks often and see what I can and can't pull off. If I like something I will buy it and style it to my likings. Wether this makes my looks a complete mish mash or cohesive I don't know, and frankly who really cares anyways?

This Ganesh t-shirt is one of the things I bought yesterday, it says 'The Elephant God Ganesh: 50% Human, 50% Elephant, 100% Cute' how brilliant is that! I've quite gotten into all sorts of hippy things recently and love this top, I wore it with my black floral crown while doing some birthday shopping. It is both my Mama and Papa's birthdays this month so had to find some bits! These leggings are actually H&M Kids and cost £6.99, what a bargain. I got Age 14+ but in fact they are a bit big on me (a size 12) so if you get them certainly try them on first. 

The 1975 first came onto my radar through a PR email which at first I paid absolutely no attention too. Then I heard more and more about them through other media and thought I would give them a listen. 'The City' is the most upbeat and commercial track from the debut EP 'Facedown' which is a rather beautiful and grand affair.

R x


  1. love your outfit! :) that rose headband is so amazing! <3 xx

  2. You always look sooo effing cool!!! That black rose crown is sooo nice xx

  3. Robyn you're the charity shop queen! Adore the boots!

  4. Love the crown! You look amazing

  5. Ahh that top is perfect for you!
    And god I feel the same - sometimes I think I have don't have a cohesive style, and then I forget about it and enjoy :)

    Rosie x

    P.S. You're fit.

  6. How can your shoes be from a charity shop? they're gorgeous.

    Your hair and make up is looking lovely <3


  7. The coolest people don't wear just one style though!
    I love your flower crown. I at first thought it was made out of your hair xP
    (Thinking of that... that'd be really cool)

    The Lovelorn

  8. you're sooo cute!
    love the black flowers

  9. love this outfit, especially the tee! looks so good with the denim shirt xx

  10. looove this outfit! :) xx

  11. Your floral headbands are gorgeous! I'm quite the same with my mismatched style - it's even more fun to combine the two! xx

  12. Cool outfit, I especially like the top! I love Charity shops you just never know what you might find! xx