Thursday, 25 October 2012

Wish List 25/10/12

Burgundy Velvet Dress - Yayer
Silver Wishbox Necklace - Regal Rose
Polaroid Camera - Fujifilm 210
'Horror' T-Shirt - Topshop
'Snow Flake' Nail Varnish - Models Own
Hocus Mystic Ring - Dixi
Gold Pleated Skirt - Topshop
Black & Gold Diamond Dress - Topshop
Cat Face Jumper - Ever Ours
Kate Moss Lipstick in 107 - Rimmel

As always there is so much stuff I want to purchase this payday! A lot of this stuff is Topshop this time around as I have just transferred stores to work at my local one. It just so happens it is sparkly new and amazing and has so much stuff I want to buy. The 'Witching Hour' trend is just perfect for Winter in my eyes and I think Topshop have once again hit the fashionable nail on the head.

Burgundy Velvet Dress - Yayer: I love burgundy and I love velvet, I also have a thing for dresses with cut out sections. When I saw this dress from Yayer combining all three I very nearly lost my head, such a perfect dress for the season. I must own it!

Fujifilm 210 Camera: I have a thing for cameras, I own far too many and constantly want more. My most recent purchase was a Lomography Diana F however I still yearn for the polaroid. It is ridiculous expensive however I have researched this cheaper alternative which I simply cannot go to Amsterdam without at the beginning of December.

'Snow Flake' Nail Varnish - Models Own: Everything Models Own do I absolutely love, their most recent range of 'Wonderland' polishes is so perfect for the season and I cannot wait to finally try out their much praised polishes.

Kate Moss Lipstick in 107 - Rimmel: Ever since I tried the tester of this on I have been absolutely desperate to own it, however it is sold out in this shade everywhere I have looked for it, how frustrating! I love a good dark red / blood red lipstick and despite already having far too many, I need to add this one to my collection.

R x


  1. i loveee that Topshop horror T i want it to! & you've got to get the rimmel kate 107 lipstick its amazingggg :)

  2. That dress is just to die for xo

  3. I love that tee and I had to buy this dress last night I tried it on in the changing rooms with spotty tights and fell in love! the ring is also lovely.. i could carry on but that would just be me listing your whole post and saying i love it all haha! xx

  4. That velvet dress is GORGEOUS! My 2 favourite things, velvet and burgundy!! And the topshop dress and skirt are gorgeous too! xxx

  5. I really want a polaroid too- they're just too cool, I want instant photos! :)
    Daniella x

  6. Amazing wish list :) Great blog :) I'm new follower =]

  7. I want all of these! Especially the polaroid camera and that velvet dress...

    Chloe xo

  8. I need that burgundy cut out dress more than anything else in this world, haa!
    I feel like we have a very similar style and aesthetic!

    Ava Tallulah

  9. I have 4 of those lipsticks in 107 as we got given huge goodie bags in the blogger's suite at LFW - I can post you one if you send me your address? There's no way I'm going to use that many! It might as well go to a good home :)

  10. I share your love of cameras - this one looks amazing! And the dress is gorgeous :) xxx

  11. so interesting to look at, love your sense of style.

  12. I really want a polaroid camera at the moment, and I'm dying to get my hands on all the models own winter nail polishes! The ring is beautiful, and I love the jumper also <3

  13. I've heard such good things about those Kate loss lipsticks,I really want one too!i love the skirt too eeek <3 so many things on my wishlist now hah x

  14. Love your alternative look!

    Cute wishlist, I'm also loving burgundy lately!

    Now following your blog :)

    Amy xx

  15. I've been desperate for shade 107 as well! Your wish lists drive me mad, I just want everything :-( Been after a polaroid camera for so long, we had a family one when I was a kid and when I look back I miss the fun of it so much!