Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween Nails

I painted these nails a little while ago and posted them on Instagram but completely forgot to blog about them. I usually keep my nails quite plain however love doing things like this when the occasion rises. I love Halloween and any chance to dress up, fancy dress is one of my favourite things. I took inspiration from SHLYNSBIN who did an amazing set and is one of the very few beauty blogs I actually enjoy reading. 

I've already been out for Halloween, I went to Peckham, London on Saturday night for Bestival's Rave VS Hoedown party which was immense. I went as a beaten bride in a wedding dress, fake blood and genuine black eye. My eye is now a lovely mix of purple and green bruising however the swelling has gone down which is a good sign. I still won't be outfit posting until it has gone, it is grim, however have some blog ideas lined up in the mean time!

What have you all been doing for Halloween?

R x


  1. Seriously good! I love the little Frankenstein :)

    Rosie x