Thursday, 13 September 2012

They Might Say That I'm A Dreamer, But I'm Not The Only One

Bowler Hat - H&M
Red Knit Jumper - Charity Shop
Denim Shorts - H&M
Cross Necklace - Gogo Phillip
Quartz Necklace - Tentative Decisions
Black Boots - Primark

I wore this outfit today on a little trip into Farnham with my Mum to go shopping and have lunch with my Brother. We had a mooch around all the charity shops and independent boutiques which was lovely. I got a faux fur hat and a black lace kimono type thing while lusting after lots of lovely home ware things in the other shops. Having lunch with my Mum and Brother was nice especially in the garden of a sunny pub.

This is quite a simple and laid back outfit for me. I got the jumper from a charity shop in Sandown on the Isle of Wight while I was there for Bestival last weekend. It cost me a measly £3 and I believe it is a hand made item - bargain. I can feel it quickly becoming a staple in my winter wardrobe this year. 

R x


  1. You look amazing! Oh why can't I be blessed with the skills to find gorgeous jumpers for £3?! I hope that you had a lovely time at Bestival! xx

  2. that jumper looks lovely and cosy! i really need to go to isle of wight charity shops seeing as they're just a boat away from me, i've heard they're something special! Love your necklaces :) x

  3. That jumper is fiiiit!!

  4. That jumpers lovely, I really like the style of it and the colour!
    Hope you had a nice time at Bestival
    Daniella x

  5. What a bargain, love the jumper! V jealous you were at Bestival..x

  6. The big and baggy jumpers are always a good look. Love the colour, and £3?!

  7. that colour looks so good on you! x

  8. That jumper is gorgeous, its the prefect level of slouchiness ! xx


  9. This is so gorgeous, I love the snuggly jumper! Experiencing major hair envy too! xxx