Monday, 20 August 2012

Wish List 20/8/12

Johnny Depp T-Shirt - Tea and Cake @ Topshop
Tie Dye Patch Jacket - Waiste Clothing
Black Floral Print Cape - River Island
'Dream & Drive' Book - The Kills & Kenneth Capello
Gold Spike Head Piece - Empty Casket
Orb Emblem Reward Ring - Vivienne Westwood
Silver Gem Stone Necklaces - Regal Rose
White Skull T-Shirt - Cheap Monday
Aggy Creeper Shoe - Agyness Deyn for Doc Marten

Johnny Depp T-Shirt - I tried this baby on last week and found the sizing really weird, however I now really find the need to own a t-shirt with Johnny Depp's face on so he can snuggle on my boobs.

Waiste Clothing Psychedelic Dream Jacket - The ever so lovely Sara has recently launched her own clothing range featuring some gorgeous hand made customised denim jackets. I absolutely love the collection, there are some real gems and they are all so quirky and different.

Dream & Drive by The Kills - After interviewing Alison Mosshart last week my love for The Kills has been rekindled (you can read my interview here). I asked her questions about The Kills first ever book which is a 10 year picture documentation of the bands career. As a style icon in her own right, and the husband on Kate Moss as a band mate I can only imagine how gorgeous the snaps are. 

Vivienne Westwood Reward Ring - Ahh like name like nature. When I first saw this ring I instantly fell in love and had to push myself to then look at the price tag. At £45 for a silver Vivienne Westwood ring I think thats a decent price, and certainly something I may well be 'rewarding' myself with soon.

Aggy Creeper Shoes - How beautiful are these, they are like the love child of Underground and Doc Marten. I think they are absolutely perfect and would go with absolutely everything, ever. If only I had £130 to spend on them...

R x


  1. The shoes are absolutely wonderful!!!! x

  2. ah yes those shoes are rather nice indeed x

  3. I love this wishlist!
    I love Empty Casket :)

  4. omg neeeed that fringed cape! and all of this really <3 xx

  5. Oh I love a good wishlist and this is a good one! Adore that cape!

    CAT xo

  6. That Johnny Depp shirt has just been chilling in my saved items for a couple of days now! Your stance on having his face in the boob region may have just sealed the deal x

  7. That Vivienne Westwood ring... amazing! Not a bad price at all...
    Ava Tallulah

  8. I've had an eye on that cape, its amazing! x

  9. I need that jacket and the cape - the perfect summer jackets HEY! XXX

  10. I love the cape, gorgeous little stone necklaces too. I read your interview with Alison Mosshart, it was really good! xxx

  11. I am loving all the Waiste jackets, my fave is the stargazer, but this one is incredible too! x

  12. I love the Agy creepers! I really want the red version. £130 is a little steep though!

  13. I love the head chain and the creepers.

    Jo. x

  14. I've made it to a wishlist! YAY! thank you! and what a great wishlist it is-those necklaces are amazing! xx

  15. hey, i nominated you for this ultra cool blogging thing called the Liebster Award: <3

  16. i'll take everything seen on the pic above. great pics! just wanted to buy this cheap monday shirt in london, but then i went for an other one...

    kissboombang, mika.
    head + heels

  17. Some gorgeous pieces here, I love the cape! x