Thursday, 2 August 2012

One Thing I Can Tell You Is You've Got To Be Free

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Bowler Hat - H&M
Leather Biker Jacket - H&M
White Embellished Shirt - Charity Shop
Blue Floral Dress - Topshop
Skull and Cross Necklace - Topshop
Suede Shoes - Primark

I am a bit squinty in these snaps so I apologise, not actually giving anybody the evil canevils through my blog, ha. This is what I wore today on a little trip into town to sort some bits and bobs out. I ran into a friend from college in Primark and it was lovely to see her, we did some shopping together and had a cup of tea in Costa. I bought some new knickers, two really sweet notebooks from H&M and the cut out swan print dress from Topshop in the sale for £20. Very naughty purchases to add to the list this month. Opps.

As you may have read I have been on the hunt for my dream leather jacket for months. I bought the studded Topshop beauty on payday but refunded it a few hours later after I found this baby in H&M for £30, less than half the price. I have also really gotten in my new H&M hat over the last week, I love how it just adds a smart touch and hides the clips from my pinned back fringe. I have had this Topshop dress for SIX years, how crazy is that!? It still fits me and I still love it, especially with this little shirt underneath it. I used to wear it in exactly the same way at college, funny how things come back round again.

I've been busy working away again this week. I have also landed myself a new writing position over on the Propaganda Blog, my first piece on the band Deap Vally was published last week. In two weeks I will also be having a trial fortnight at 1883 Magazine, who I already write for, to be their features intern. I am super excited to start and really want it to go amazingly.

Todays song is the Arctic Monkeys cover of The Beatles 'Come Together' from the Olympic opening ceremony. I think the lads did an amazing job and seeing them on that stage giving it some but still looking so cool made me fall for them even more <3 p="p">

R x


  1. Love the shirt/dress combo, looks lovely!

    I agree with you about the cover, I usually hate Beatles covers but they did do an amazing job!


  2. has to be one of my fave outfits on the robyn diraies so far! What is the sizing on this jacket like - small fitting?

    1. yeh it is divided black so its on the small side! thank you :) x

  3. You look lovely, that dress is amazing. I love finding clothes I haven't worn in years! xx

  4. u look amazing!! loving ur jacket and that hat completes the whole look

  5. I like your skull and cross necklace :)

  6. Love the skull necklace and cute little hat, congrats on the writing positions too!

  7. Looking lovely with the hat! Wow congrats on the internship, very jealous I've been trying to look for on for ages. Good luck!
    Daniella x

  8. Loving you necklace and the print on this dress. Great outfit.

    Jo. x

  9. Well done on getting the trial fortnight - that's so exciting! That leather jacket was a bargain and it suits you so much, especially teamed with your bowler hatt

  10. Love that leather jacket and that dress!


  11. Such a great outfit!

    And cool Stella-ezque print!


  12. Love the outfit the dress is super flattering, I agree the arctic monkeys were fab at the opening ceremony

    Chloe xo

  13. this is super cute! x

  14. your dress is so lovely, i can't believe you'd had it for so long! my style changes so often that i'm constantly selling and buying new clothes, though i so wish i actually kept some of the clothes i used to wear a few years ago! xxx