Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ying & Yang

As somebody who has never worn fake nails before but really loves all types of nail art I thought I would try out something new and buy these amazing Ying Yang nails from Effie's Nails. Now this might make me sound like a complete novice but I think I have very small nails as I had to do a fair bit of trimming and filing down to get these to fit my nails, but now they are on I absolutely love them. I have a suspicion I may have been converted to the ways of fake nails. Do you have any other favourite places to buy fun nail designs like these?

I have entered myself for the Look Magazine 'Look What I Am Wearing' competition so would love it if you could click HERE and then simply just press the 'like' button.

R x


  1. wow wow wow wow!! they are amazing, i seriously love them! <3


  2. These are gorgeous! Elegant Touch do some pretty nice crackle designs! xx

  3. yummmm they look freakin' gorgeous! loving effies nails!! x

  4. Love the nails, I've attempted to do patterns on my nails by myself; absolute fail. maybe I should try these out instead :)
    Daniella x


  5. These are so lovely! I wish I could pull off false nails because I'm useless at nail art but they just look weird! xxx

  6. AMAZING Nails :)

  7. Those nails are pretty cool! There are a lot of awesome false nails on places like etsy and folksy, I featured India's Nails on my blog this week, in a post about aztec print

    Julia x
    Carousel Secrets