Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wish List 25/7/12

Unicorn Necklace - Jewellery By Jaymie 
Sparkle Nail Varnish - Ice Crush by Topshop
Tie Dye Studded Jumper - Owl and Dagger Clothing
Kitty T-Shirt - Wyldlyfclothing
Swallow Collar Tops - Topshop
Moon Necklace - Empty Casket
Studded Biker Jacket - Topshop
Fury Backpack - ASOS
Stud Suede Wedges - River Island

Another little 'Wish List' post for you after how much people seemed to like the last one. I enjoy finding independent brands and helping them to find new audiences so have tried to include as many as possible in these posts, although the old favourites of Topshop, ASOS, UO etc do creep in too.

Unicorn Necklace - I just love this little unicorn necklace by Jaymie, it is so cute. I love anything to do with unicorns so a little sparkly necklace with a hand illustrated one on is just up my street.

Tie Dye Studded Jumper - This studded jumper by Owl and Dagger is just amazing, I love the tie dye print and studded detail and at around £20 instead of the £60 mark the Ragged Priest ones are going at it is a bit of a bargain. 

Kitty T-Shirt - I love all these sorts of animal t-shirts, however this kitty one is just too cute. I think every 'wishlist' post so far has featured some sort of kitty clothing. Wyldlyfclothing do a range of different animal prints if cats aren't your thing too.

Moon Necklace - This moon necklace is amazing, I have a sun one too but feel this Empty Casket creation is something I need to own. Empty Casket do all sorts of amazing jewels including lots of lovely pieces to fit under shirt collars.

Studded Leather Jacket - I tried this jacket on last week and got lots of lovely comments on Instagram. It might seem a bit mental to buy a leather jacket when it is 30 degrees outside but this is going to be one of the first things I purchase on pay day. It is perfection.

Stud Suede Wedges - I've gone a bit stud mad haven't I? I have had my eye on these babes for ages now and really am in love with them. I spotted a similar pair on eBay which everybody has told me to get instead. When trying these on in River Island the other day however they were so sweet and I feel they would go with more of my wardrobe.


  1. Those collar tips are amazing! I would literally bankrupt myself in order to have every piece of jewellery that Jaymie's designed, she's so talented! x

  2. aaah the cat tee and the moon necklace are so good!

  3. This wishlist is so bloody good. Especially love the cat tshirt and the wedges!

    Emily Wears Things

  4. Big fat YES to everything here! xx

  5. i would buy everything! my fave is the kitty shirt, even though i hate cats. :D it's just great!

    kissboombang, mika.
    head + heels

  6. I love this, especially the unicorn necklace and the studded sweatshirt. Great wishlist.

    Ava Tallulah
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  7. I love that owl and dagger jumper! And the studded leather jacket. It's all lovely, wish I could afford it all!
    Daniella x

  8. these picture are amazing! and your style too! i'm definitly fall in love with your blog! so i want invite you to see mine, and if you like it, we could follow each other. What do you think? i wait for you! i care! a big kiss
    Miriam Stella

    fashion blogger italiana

  9. I love this unicorn necklace!

  10. Good choice ! Now I really need the unicorn necklace ! ♥
    New follower
    x iris

  11. yay my cat tshirt! so in love with those wedges-did you keep them in the end?x

  12. Good choice! All lovely, I can't believe that tie dye studded jumper is £20 I just assumed it was from the ragged priest! I do love there stuff though despite the price.

    It's Just a bit Fruity Fashion Blog

    Emma x

  13. love this post, want everything !
    Katherine x x x