Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Don't You Understand? I'm Gonna Make My Own Money, Gonna Buy My Own Man

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Floral and Stud Headband - Topshop
Mix Print Kimono - Primark
White Swirl Top - Charity Shop
Leather Shorts - Topshop
Black Suede Shoes - Primark

I bought this little kimono in the Primark sale a few weeks back for £5 and hadn't gotten round to wearing it until today. It is one of the few items I own which is not a floral print of some kind and thought it was quite grown up in a way. This is my little attempt at the clashing prints trend using the two prints on the kimono, swirl pattern on the top and my floral headband. I saw this headband in the sale at work and knew immediately it had to be mine, especially after I saw the ever so stylish Sara modelling it too.

Really sorry about the lack of posting, five full days at work on my feet really took it out of me last week. I am a bit ashamed of myself as I did 48 hour/6 day weeks for around 6 months until April and coped just fine - funny to think 5 days made me kaputt! I've been cycling to and from work in an effort to slim down a bit, I feel like I have either put on a bit of weight recently or finally decided to do something about wanting to be a size 8 and not a 12. It is a personal choice but I really would love to loose a few pounds/stones so we shall see how I get on. 

Today's song is an absolute belter by the American duo Deap Vally. These girls make the most kick ass girly rock ever and I have fallen a tiny weeny massively amount in love with them.

R x


  1. You look so pretty! Those leather shorts are amazing x

  2. I really like that kimono! I'm a 12 too and would love to be an 8/10... Good for you for doing something about it!

  3. oh hello super cool kimono. You look awesome! good luck with the weightless, I have been doing it for a week now with going to the gym and stuff, need to lose the 3 stone i've put on so quickly! i am just so impatient and want to see results quick grr xxx

  4. You look lovely hun.I want to lose weight myself i just havent got enough willpower, i like nice food too much.I like your headband and i like your necklaces. Gem xx

  5. the kimono is lovely, great buy!

    J x

  6. I thought that Kimono was river island! You look lovely, the shorts are so good. Ugh I do less hours then you but also feel the tiredness strain with blogging, I'd love to get into a little blogging routine. Good luck with the weight loss, a small change like cycling will make a big dif x

  7. wow! great looks sweety,i followed you,pls followed me too!


  8. you look bloody gorgeous i love this outfit! i been trying to shed a bit of weight for my holiday but literally have no willpower haha xx

  9. You look so lovely! :) that kimono is amazing, can't believe it's from primark! :)xx

  10. What a gem that kimono is! Your hair always looks so nice xo

  11. You look lovely in this post and the kimono really compliments your figure, lusting over the headband,
    Love coco x x x

  12. You look lovely, your hair makes me so jealous! Too pretty! I think you have a lovely figure, but good luck slimming down :-) xxx

  13. That kimono is gorgeous! Good luck with the weight loss, I need to lose weight too, but finding motivation is hard! x
    Sirens and Bells

  14. That Kimono is sooo ptetty- and I love the way you've paired it with the leather shorts.
    I'm the same way with my weight- good luck with the weight loss hope you get to where you want to be. My diet started last week- I miss Ben and Jerry and their ice creams!
    Daniella x


  15. Love this kilmono, the colours are fab. It looks great on you my dear :)
    I'm the same as you, i've put on weight in the last year since finishing working full time to go back to uni. I've got to the point where i'm wanting to do something about it too :)

    Jo. x

  16. You dont need to lose weight loser!!!!! (but get that it is personal choice...) you look fit. Is your hair like that naturally? I WANT IT. Xxxx

  17. God you're so pretty girl you don't need to change a thingggg :) relly nice outfit too


  18. I'm jealous you've got that kimono! I modelled it for a shoot once and fell in love with it, but they never had any in my local Primark :( I think your figure is perfect and you are a sexy mama, but I know we all have insecurities so good luck with the weight loss. I wish I had the willpower to diet and exercise but I'm far too lazy and weak-minded!

  19. I have a kimono similar to this from River Island. I find it kind of intimidating to wear but think I just need to suck it up and start draping it over things!