Saturday, 21 July 2012

All Change Please

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Flannel Shirt - Charity Shop
Sunglasses - H&M
Ying Yang Necklace - Charity Shop
Black Fringed Top - Miss Selfridge
Acid Wash Leggings - H&M
Burgundy Brogues - Primark

I was a bit dubious about posting this outfit, firstly my stomach is out and about in the fringed top I picked up from work the other day, and secondly I am trying out a new hair style inspired by Sky Ferreira and I am not sure yet if I like it or not. As I have a fringe (its pinned back here) I can't completely do the sweep over look, but what do we think - yay or nay? I was hoping it would look a different or whatever but am scared I just look like a massive rah rah ya girl who is trying too hard. Ho hum.

I think I have mentioned before I am really quite bored of my own dress sense/wardrobe at the moment so I think playing about with it a bit might be fun but I not too sure in what direction to go. I never really think of an overall look when I shop and just buy whatever stuff I like which means my wardrobe is a massive mish mash of different thing. What styles or trends are you loving at the moment?

Tomorrow at work we have to dress up as our favourite sports person as part of a charity event to do with the Olympics. I don't really follow sport all that much so have decided to go as a jockey but am not looking forward to wearing my old horse riding clobber around work tomorrow. If you fancy a laugh I might tweet some pictures of us all at work tomorrow.

R x


  1. Your hair looks lovely like that! You look amazing, as per! I can relate all too well on being bored with all the clothes you own, it's the bane of my life xx

  2. Gorgeous outfit I adore your top! You definitely have to tweet the pictures...i'm sure you will rock the jockey look ha ha!

  3. i love your hair! i love your fringe but you also really suit it like that :) xxo

  4. Your hair looks lovely like this! I really love the top xo

  5. I love this look definitely my favourite of yours so far! and your hair looks amazing as always but I really think wearing it this way suits your face shape just as well as your fringe,
    Love Coco x x x

  6. love your crystal necklace :D

  7. I love this outfit Robyn <3
    You look lovely and all your jewellery is fabulous.

      Copied my blog address wrong. FAIL.

  8. Robyn you look HOT. And that hairstyle is amazing on you!

    Emily Wears Things

  9. I really like your hair styled like this! It looks really nice and I'm loving the fringed top, great outfit :)
    Daniella x

  10. Love the fringed top and the ying yang necklace is wicked! xxx

  11. Your hair looks lovely like this, I love that top too - gorgeous :-)

  12. gotta say this is perfect !! #loveit

  13. i love your hair like this! love the choker xx

  14. Ugh Sky's hair is the best.
    You look amazing :)

    The Lovelorn

  15. LOVE this outfit.. Completly 90s and AAamazing. You're so lucky that you suit hair with and without a fringe too.. Totally understand the mish mash wardrobe too! No matter what I say/ think/ aim to buy when shopping, I'm always attracted to the loud and trashy prints which results in a very bright but COMPLETE mish mash wardrobe!



  16. Cool hair!!! First pic is amaze!


  17. oh, your hair looks just amazing! i'd do anything to have hair like yours. xxx

  18. i know this post is old(er) but i love your hair like this! at first i didn't even notice your fringe pinned back.
    also adore that choker. it's the bomb!
    such a cutie!