Sunday, 10 June 2012

Winchester Vintage Fair

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Today I went to Winchester with my Mum to check out Winchester Vintage Fair. First of all I would like to apologise for the shoddy quality of these images, I remembered to charge my camera battery last night... but not to put it back in the actual camera, doh! 

Heading to Winchester I was really impressed with how cute the city actually is, I love all the old Tudor architecture and how they still have their Jubilee bunting still up. As it was just gone midday when we arrived my Mum and I headed to Ask and had ourselves a pizza each, totally delicious!

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Inside the fair I found lots of very pretty things to fall in love with. There was a big range of dresses, shorts and playsuits including this black floral one which I fell in love with however it was too small. While there was lots of lovely things I did think that the pricing was a bit steep, things that I could find in Beyond Retro or Rokit were double what they should be. Having said that there were some amazing mint condition pieces to fawn over too. 

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After the fair we had a little mooch around Winchester and I got some a massive sheer shirt to wear as a kimono type thing. You can see the skirt I bought on the right and the top left underneath the bargainous DVD's I got in HMV. I got Blue Valentine, 500 Days of Summer and The Boat That Rocked for £10 total, amazing! I am a bit scared of watching Blue Valentine though as I am told it will make me w-e-e-p. We also went and checked out King Arthur's Round Table (geeky freak out) and bought sweets for an old fashioned style shop. All in all I had a lovely time in Winchester and am crossing my fingers for the CV's I handed out while there,

Hope everybody has had a lovely weekend?

R x


  1. aha think you must have just literally posted this as I was commenting on your other post, brilliant timing! haha! i've always wanted to go to Winch, i've got loads of friends who live there and say its nice, definitely need to go now! fucking hate expensive vintage stuff, its USED NOT NEW how dare they think they can rip us off!!! rant over xxxxx ps i'd def go king arthur's table, would be rude not to!!

  2. sherbet straws! haven't had them in years. some of the dresses on the stage look amazing. I'm often disappointed by the pricing at these kind of fairs too.

  3. Oooh those dresses and sunnies are so nice! I wish I had known this was on, Winchester is so close! It's such a lovely place :) Looks like you had an amazing day :) xx

  4. you look beautiful as always lovely and can i just say those dresses are beautiful. I love winchester, i've seen the round table to proper geeked out :) i was 10 at the time lol i now need to hunt down a vintage fair :) xxx

  5. I love these photo's, wish they had little vintage fairs need me.
    Love your outfit as well, this might sound weird but i feel like i saw you when i was in London. haha

  6. I was there too! I bought a lovely jumper and a scarf and a captain scarlet doll for father' day! xxx

    Lauren from Lauren Loves xxx

  7. That's a shame that it was a bit overly priced :( I hope I'm not working for the next one, we should go - it'd be great to meet you! ♥

  8. Aw, I went to Winchester on Thursday! If I'd known there was a fair I would've waited! haha, oh well. We went to a lovely little coffee shop and found a great vintage clothing store near the carpark! xx

  9. Looks like a beautiful place! Super bargains on the DVD's, I've never even heard of Blue Valentine but as a big fan of Ryan Gosling and soppy films I'll definitely be giving it a go. Love the prints of your new clothes too :-) xxx

  10. found your blog after you commented on mine, and love it!
    like your style a lot and travel posts are really interesting x

  11. Thank you for your sweet comment :)
    I loveee 500 Days Of Summer. Mmmm Joseph Gordon-Levitt yum yum hehe x

  12. damn why didn't I know of this , I would have gone :( x

  13. Great choice films! Which is your favourite?