Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ruby Rae Love Jewellery

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Stud Collar Necklace - £11
Alpaca Long Ring - £6.50
Evil Eye Ring - £4

Having followed Ella's blog for a long time I recently decided it was time to invest in some bits from her jewellery line Ruby Rae Love. There have been so many times when I have fallen in love with something in her shop but missed out due to the fact that Ella makes every single item herself and there are only so many pieces. I have been lusting after a collar necklace for a while and decided that instead of spending my pennies with a place like H&M or Topshop I would support a independent brand and get myself something unique at the same time.

I love buying bits like this from independent brands, nothing can beat the personal touch such as Ella's, as she tweeted me straight after my purchase with a thank you and ensured me my jewels were on their happy little way to me.

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I am going to save the collar necklace for upcoming outfit posts as I am sure you are going to be seeing a lot of it. I realised that I never really take any pictures of my rings and when a person has as many as I do they should be shared. I tend to mix silver and gold but my YSL Arty ring only fits on one finger which happens to be the only finger my Marc Jacobs ring fits on too. The other little silver gemstone ring was bought from another independent retailer in San Diego next to my hostel.  

You can check out all of Ella's lovely bits by clicking the image above, she recently had a bit of a re-stock and there are yet more pieces I would love to own as well if I had more money to spend.

Do you have any favourite independent jewellery shops? Or do you run your own? 

R x


  1. Love the pieces you've picked, especially the eye ring, I'm in love :) My favourite independent jewellery shop at the moment has to be black tied, love their stuff x x x
    Love Coco x x x

    1. Oooh I have just checked it out and love those bits too, so dainty and sweet <3

  2. These are gorgeous pieces, I love Ella's blog & the eye ring is amazing! XO.

  3. The rings are gorgeous, i'm always having a sneaky peak in Ellas store!

  4. I love all these pieces. That necklace is amazing and I love that YSL ring!!

  5. Woah, that jewelry is truly exquisite - loving it! Really enjoying reading your blog :)

    Care to return the follow?

  6. I adore Ella and her shop, its full of such beautiful pieces. You chose wonderfully!

  7. Gorgeous rings, I adore Ella's blog, it was one of the first I followed. Her jewellery is so lovely, as is she! :-) xxx

  8. Your comment brought a massive smile to my face, thank you :) Your blog is wonderful too, you wear some sweet stuff! Ella is great, she is a huge influence to me, building up a business all by herself, awesome girl. You chose some sweet pices too, theres just something about those eye rings that make me want them!