Saturday, 16 June 2012

Recent Writings

Here are four pieces I have had published recently with some of my favourite bands. If your looking for something new to listen to then have a little read and see if any of them take your fancy, Two Wounded Birds are my particular favourite. You may have also seen me tweeting about just how good The Horrors are live, I even shed a little tear at Still Life. 

I am trying to do as much writing as I can while I am at home and looking for an internship which will hopefully lead to a job for me. 

R x

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  1. Thought I'd have a look for your blog after the interview, I feel like a bit of a Sherlock now! Really like the reviews, I got sent the Exlovers promo a while back but still haven't got round to writing it up. Obviously much less organised than you are...


    If you feel like checking it out my blog is try and excuse the hungover attempt at writing this morning... nightmare :)