Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I Love The Colourful Clothes She Wears And The Way The Sun Plays Upon Her Hair

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Levi Denim Jacket - Charity Shop
Leopard Print Dress - Topshop
Heart Necklace - Gogo Phillip
Frilly Socks - Primark
Burgundy Brogues - Primark

I had my job interview today at Outfit, which has Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins etc, and I am hoping that it went well. The vacancy is the perfect amount of hours and it would be so easy to get there from my house. I thought it best to wear something kind of Topshop-y, or at least something of recent stock from there. I wore this dress over the weekend too and absolutely love it, I am a huge fan leopard print but the cut of this is sweet too. I really like these shoes with different socks at the moment, I wish I had a leather biker jacket to give this a real 1950s look but denim will have to do for now. 

Have had some exciting writing bits come along this week which is very encouraging, I can't say anything just yet but if it does materialise believe me everybody under the sun will know about it - eep! I am going to have a quiet weekend this week, my housemate is coming down from London with her bicycle to visit me and we are going to have a film night and then a long countryside bike ride and picnic - I cannot wait! 

It was Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys 70th birthday last week, and with that came the announcement of two London tour dates at the end of the year. I saw Brian Wilson at Bestival last year after stumbling up to the main stage at the right time as I didn't realise he was playing. It was such an amazing experience to hear all those songs live however would love to attend the Royal Albert Hall gig later this year. The tickets are £60 each so here is hoping I can get myself a review pass,

R x


  1. Love the outfit, especially the socks and brogues...very Topshop appropriate! Good luck with the job :)

  2. I love this outfit, I can't get over how pretty those socks are with those shoes! The jacket looks great with it too :-) Good luck with the job! xxx

  3. I love your eyebrows so much! Is that weird? Even if it is, it's true. Got my fingers crossed for you for the job!! xx

  4. Looooove this! The dress is gorgeous on you & looks perfect with the denim.. Good luck with the job application, crossing my fingers for you! The discount you get with the Arcadia groups is so good, I'm jealous! XO.

  5. Eep congrats & good luck on the writing opportunities. I love this outfit! I can't believe those brogues are from Primark! Might have to pay a visit soon.
    Good luck with the Outfit job too, I'm sure you did amazing :)
    Rebecca x

  6. You are so cute! Totally in love with your style. Following! =)

  7. So pretty! The dress is so perfect! Loveeeee your shoes too! :)

    ox from NYC!


  8. Beautiful blog :))
    I really love it <333

  9. you look lovely :) hope you get the job! you're hair sooo gorgeous x

  10. Oh I love this outfit you look so cute. Of course I'm a sucker for a brogues and socks combination! And hopefully your job interview will go well! And can't wait to hear more of your're like me...I don't like to give anything away up front either!

    Gemma x

  11. I've got my fingers crossed for you for your job! I've always had a bit of a soft spot with leopard print!

  12. love this dress! You look beautiful, and fingers crossed for the job lovely, this outfit is a perfect one to wear for an interview! and yes to the white socks/shoes/tights combo. Amazing! xx

  13. Adorable outfit :) perfect. I am right to say you've already got the job(saw on twitter)so congrats.


  14. Lovely dress and I love the little socks <3! xo

  15. Wowww, I love your banner!!! Your blog is awesome btw, you have great style :) following! Xxx