Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I Am Not Your Saviour Baby Girl

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White Applique Jumper - Vintage
Charms Necklace - Topshop
Denim Shorts - H&M
Patent Boots - Doc Marten

Today has been rather productive even if it did start off very slowly. Posting some eBay bits I managed to venture out on my bike for the only full 60 minutes of today it has not rained, yay for me. I have also applied for a couple of jobs and found a few more to post my CV to as well. Apart from that I have final been feeling normal today i.e not hungover for the first time since last Wednesday. Ouch. I can also feel a very well earned illness coming along quite nicely. 

Bit of a standard outfit today. I wanted to show the other side of my dressing style. While I love floral dresses and knee length skirts I am also a bit one for denim shorts, band t-shirts and boots. I often feel a bit like I have style schizophrenia? (Just spelt that correctly without the help of Apple, winning). This jumper is actually my Mum's although it has been sat in my wardrobe for years. I love how beautifully soft it is and how slouchy and comfy too, although after the massive roast chicken dinner I just ate only pyjamas are acceptable right now.

I also think everybody should listen to Blood Orange. I discovered them at Field Day on Saturday and if my rants of "their amazing omg listen to them now" won't cut it, maybe the fact that Alexa Chung HERSELF was spotted popping along to them will.

R x


  1. That jumper definitely looks cosy :)
    I can feel an illness coming on as well, I blame the weather! x

  2. I love that jumper, kudos to your Mum! I'm so envious of your hair, it's like the perfect length

  3. That jumper looks so cosy! Lovely outfit!

  4. You look so lovely! I love Blood Orange, it was so weird hearing them after Dev's previous stuff with Lightspeed Champion- he's so talented though xx

  5. Love the jumper, blood orange is amazing!
    Love coco x x x x x x

  6. your jumper looks so lovely & cosy <3 i really like blood orange, not half as much as i like lightspeed champion or test icicles but dev is just so awesome in general xx

  7. How are you so pretty?! I love the laid back grungey feel to this look, especially the DMs, they're always a winner! :-) xxx

  8. That jumper looks so comfy :)

  9. This looks like the perfect rainy day outfit, so comfy!

  10. She was spotted, spotted less than 1m next to me for the whole set! Literally wet myself! Love Blood Orange too :-) x

  11. Great outfit, I love your hair!