Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Currently Coveting: Urban Outfitters Sale

Evil Twin Paisley Dress - £50
Ecote Animal Handkerchief Dress - £30
Reformed Carrie Dress - £30

Sparkle & Fade Cut Out Blouse - £22
Pins and Needles Blouse - £22
Truly Madly Deeply Eagle Tank - £14
Truly Madly Deeply Symbol Tank - £10
Renewal Tiger Jumper - £15
Something Else Robe - £80

Deena & Ozzy Chelsea Boots - £50
Burgundy Doc Martens - £70
Leopard Underground Wedges - £70

Triangle Necklace - £9
Hoop Cross Earrings - £5
Beaded Eagle Necklace - £12
Skull Necklace - £7
Heart Head Chain - £10
Models Own Nail Art Pen - £3

I've not felt very well today and as such have spent the large majority of today trying to out sleep my cat. As you can see the Urban Outfitters sale started online today and if I had any money I would be making my decisions between all these amazing bits and bobs. I am certainly going to have to get myself a nail art pen, been wanting one for ages and at £3 I cannot say no. UO also have lots of those Nail Rock wraps in the sale too.

In other related news, I have an interview at Urban Outfitters on Friday - wish me luck! Woohoo!

R x


  1. I really hope you get the job at UO. They're probably the best company I've worked for and look after their staff well! So many beautiful things in the sale! I ordered the handkerchief dress today along with some other bits and bobs - oh not to mention the huge bag of bits I currently have on hold in store haha! Such a good sale!

  2. GOOD LUCK!!! I'll be a bit jealous of you working at UO, I want discount on pretty clothes! xx

  3. Good luck! I'm craving that Pins and Needles blouse too, so tempted to order it!

  4. Lovely blog.

  5. I'm kind of in love with the first dress, but could never justify £50 in the sale (no matter how pretty). Good luck with your interview! I'd absolutely love to work at Urban Outfitters, but the nearest one to me is a good 45 mins away.

  6. Thanks sooo much for all the comments on my blog recently, I can't believe I wasn't following your blog before, it's great! I am now following anyways!! :)

    everybody else’s girl

  7. love all these things! weird cause that girl wearing the head chain goes to my college haha!
    gotta love UO jewellery though its always great!

  8. Ah the UO paisley dress is so perfect!
    Love the colour of those docs and all of your jewellery picks too. Wish I had unlimited amounts of money for all of this stuff xo