Thursday, 3 May 2012

West Coast Road Trip 2012: San Francisco

It might sound silly but it has taken the last week and looking through our snaps countless times to put the last three weeks into context in my mind. I experienced so many new places and lived out so many dreams it didn't seem real while doing it and still not afterwards. I have decided the easiest way to write about my trip along the West coast of America is to break it down into five posts, one of each place we went; San Francisco, Coachella, LA, San Diego and Las Vegas.

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After an eleven hour flight to San Francisco all jet lag and tiredness was forgotten as we bought train tickets and dragged our backpacks to our first hostel. We took it easy while in San Fran, although went out for Chinese the night we arrived in China Town. On our first full day we got the Subway down to The Mission to check out a vintage store I had heard of called The Buffalo Exchange. After spending over an hour and $70 in the shop we asked the staff where else was good. Walking down the rest of The Mission we shopped ourselves out in countless vintage stores before rewarding ourselves with cocktails and a lovely, albeit rainy, walk around the ever so hip Dolores Park.

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The next day we walked around Golden Gate Bridge park which was a lot bigger than we expected. Visiting the Chinese garden and a mooching around a lovely lake we spotted turtles hanging out with ducks and got very excited. Taking the bus to the opening of Golden Gate Bridge I have nervous about walking across something so high and long, especially with its connotations of suicide. Walking across the bridge was amazing, the views of Alcatraz and back over the city were exceptional even if the cloudy weather we experienced.

When we got to the other side we were surprised to find little life, just some public toilets. Tired from the walk and the flight still we waited at a bus stop for 40 minutes before we realised that public transport would not get us back across. Instead we bribed a tour bus conductor to take us back across the bridge for $5 each. By tour bus I mean a tram which had been put on wheels and had just golden waist height rails to protect us from the rest of the traffic on the bridge.

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As the tram went over the bridge I will openly admit that I was pretty much cacking my pants, but laughed all the way across, especially when we went over a bump at 70mph and all three of us screamed. After our little dance with death, we went to the Fisher Mans Wharf part of the city and had some beers by the beach looking over the bridge we had just walked across. I also bought my first ever bag of Cheetos and was endlessly amused by how big they are.

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We went for dinner at a 1950s style diner, having a milkshake and sharing onion rings I was already stuffed by the time our main course arrived. Being a champion of food I polished off the lot before rolling back to our hostel and packing for our journey to Coachella Music Festival the next day.

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  1. Looks like so much fun, I look forward to reading the other posts on your trip!

    Some friends and I are planning a massive American road trip for 2014 so am super excited to read up on any of the places we'll be visiting.

  2. I would love to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. I watched a program about the suicides on that bridge, made me so sad : (