Monday, 21 May 2012

We'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun Wherever We Run To

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Sunglasses, T-Shirt, Belt & Skirt - Vintage
Crosses Necklace - Topshop
Patent Boots - Doc Marten

I got up early today to head into town and sort out some bits and bobs after my weekend in London. I think there is a chance I am experiencing a three day hangover, I am 23 next week after all, and the older you get the worse it gets. Have a headache and am just absolutely knackered, however I did have the best weekend! I forgot my camera so I don't have that many snaps but might blog the ones I do have tomorrow.

The majority of my outfit today is vintage which I really like. I love this skirt however it wasn't quite warm enough to wear it with sandals, when it is I will leave it without the knot. Something about mid length skirts and tights just does not look right so I tried to make it look dipped hem by putting a knot in it.

Have been feeling a bit down the last few days about my decision to move home and am getting annoyed that after 2 weeks the NME aren't banging down my front door to ask me to write for them. I joke, I am my own worst enemy and don't think anybody cover ever be harder on me than I am myself. I am reviewing albums from Two Wounded Birds, 2:54 and Ex-lovers this week for Virgin Music and doing an interview with Chester French for Tantrum Magazine. I also might being going to see The Horrors again on Friday, fingers crossed.

In the mean time though really do check out Two Wounded Birds. They have a brilliant surf punk sound thats had them compared to both The Ramones and The Beach Boys, which is quite a clever thing to be able to do.

R x


  1. You have such an enviable style. I absolutely love that skirt! xx

  2. Love this outfit, your hair and necklace are awesome!

  3. Robyn you always look so stylish! Not fair!

  4. Replies
    1. thanks :) it was a bargain too at £6 from rokit!

  5. How gorgeous are you?! Love the skirt & the little knot at the bottom, I'd never think of doing that but it looks so good! XO.

  6. Amazing skirt, glasses, necklace - bugger it, it's all lush!
    Hannah xo

  7. loveee the sunglasses! such a cool outfit. x

    1. thank you, love john lennon sunnies x