Sunday, 20 May 2012

Weekend Wishlist

Dot Lace Collar - Rokit
Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine Vinyl
Triple Height Flatforms- Underground Creepers
Sparkly iPhone Case - Urban Outfitters
The Secret - Rhonda Bryne
Pink and Gold Arty Ring - Yves Saint Laurent
OMG Mug - Urban Outfitters
Skull Stud Jacket - Topshop
Floral Bandeau - Crown and Glory
Magnetic Nail Varnish - Barry M
Mac Lipstick - Russian Red

There hasn't really been all that much clothes wise that I have really wanted at the moment, I think I am still pretty shopped out from America. I have wanted an amazing thin leather biker jacket for the longest time though and this one with the skull motif is amazing, such a shame it is £180... and sold out! I have also wanted Creepers for quite a while now. My flatform trainers from h&m died while I was in the US (sob) and I am still really keen on the style. I really like these triple stack ones from Underground but want to try them on before I invest.

As this is a wish list, I have also added this pink Arty ring from YSL, not because it is completely unobtainable but because it has the word 'love' inscribed on the back and if I had a boyfriend this is what he would get me for my upcoming birthday (in a dream world). While I am dreaming of things, this purple vinyl of the single 'R U Mine' from the Arctic Monkeys is something else I would love to own but probably never will.

The OMG mug is on here as I have recently started drinking tea and everybody's reaction has been.. well you can guess.

R x


  1. Gorgeous picks! I especially love the collar & floral headband. XO

    1. Think I am going to have to attempt some DIYing for both these! x

  2. God, this would make an amazing goody bag.
    We need to become billionaires. And FAST.

    Rosie x

  3. Replies
    1. I am obsessed with creepers and collars at the moment, oh! x