Monday, 7 May 2012

Pictures From Home

As I write this I am currently perched on the edge of a single bed that I slept on every night for over fifteen years. Back in Hampshire after finally moving out of London yesterday, there is a room full of boxes, suitcases and all other sorts of things that I really need to sort out over the next few weeks.

I attempted some of it today, and have got some of my clothes into the wardrobe, however I now have even more on the floor in the ever growing 'charity shop', 'ebay' and 'bin' piles which I have been creating. This is not all I have been up to though, my professional portfolio website is coming along very well indeed, even if I do say so myself. It is nearly finished and ready to share with not only you but those who will hopefully employ me one day very soon.

In these pictures you can see some of my favourite things about my parents house, from the lovely new garden which I will be taking outfit pictures in from now on to the delicious food and amazing white roll top bath. A whole world away to the life I am used to in London it is a little lap of luxury that I will be enjoying for the next four months.

I intend to post an outfit tomorrow, it has been so long I wouldn't blame you if you had forgotten what I look like. I will also post about our time in Coachella this week along with some other posts I have had in my mind. 

Hope you had a great bank holiday weekend,

R x


  1. Your home looks so lovely, I'm especially in love with the garden, and chickens!! Hope you're settling back into your parents house nicely. :)

  2. OMG the chickens!! Amazing!

    1. The chickens make me laugh but I am slightly scared of them!