Tuesday, 3 April 2012

West Coast Road Trip

I know you have all heard me speak a lot of going to California this month and of going to Coachella but I think I would do a little post on exactly where I am going to be and when. I am going with two of my greatest friends Saima and Jen who I went to Berlin with last year and we had such an amazing time, Saima and I have also been to Prague before so I know our terrible trio will have an amazing time. 

The map above pin points exactly where I will be going....

A/ Landing in San Francisco on Monday 9th April we will be checking out The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Dolores Park and the surrounding area until Thursday 12th April. I really would love to get in some chilled time relaxing and vintage shopping in San Fran before our 8 hour drive down to Coachella.

B/ Coachella, the main reason we are going to America in the first place, has been a festival I have wanted to go to for a very, very long time. In my eyes it is bigger and better than Glastonbury with the ultimate mixture of music, style, culture and all under the Californian sun; it just sounds like my idea of heaven. This year the line up is amazing, isn't it always? 

I cannot decide who I am most excited to see, from Snoop Dog & Dr Dre to Arctic Monkeys, Laura Marling and Metronomy there is such an amazing array of bands both who I have seen and loved, and whom I have wanted to for years. We decided to get tickets for the first weekend which I am so pleased about, think it might be a bit old new come the end of April. We will be at Coachella until Monday 16th April.

C/ Another place I have always wanted to go is LA, it seems like a really awesome city with an mixture of glamour and vintage and a place where dreams can be made or broken. We have a week in LA to go shopping, sit on Venice Beach, going to the zoo (the three of us always have to go to the zoo) see about getting some new tattoos and generally soak up all the post Coachella gigs and events that have been scheduled. It is also Jen's Birthday that week so we must make sure to celebrate in style.

D/ Vegas! I didn't even know we were going to Vegas until Saima booked the flights and told me we were coming home from the city in the desert! As you can imagine I was over the moon, I have always wanted to place a cheeky bet or two and see what the city is really like. I also would love to day trip it over to The Grand Canyon, when in Vegas! I have a long lost second cousin who I am going to meet while in Vegas which is really exciting.

We are coming home on Thursday 27th April after over two and a half weeks in California, I cannot imagine the extreme post holiday blues I will have, especially teamed with moving out of London a few days later. Hopefully I will have lots of entertaining tales to share when I arrive home, and lots of pictures to remember my trip. 

I will probably post before I go next week, but it won't be much as I have to pack not only for my trip but my bedroom to move back home.


R x


  1. I am SO jealous, you are doing all that I have wanted to do. You will love SF, do check out Sausilto (sp) has gorgeous cafes and a little harbour - gorgeous on the sunshine. Coachella sounds amazing, Laura Marling is someone I am dying to see! ah such a wonderful trip. Have an amazing amazing time and I cannot wait to see the photos xxxx

  2. I know I've said it before but I'M SO FRICKIN' JEALOUSSS.
    Have the most amazing wonderful time and I cannot WAIT to hear all about it upon your return :)

    Rosie x

  3. I'm so jealous! I hope you have a lovely time and look forward to seeing plenty of photos!


  4. Sounds amazing, insanely jealous you are going to Coachella and just getting away to the US in general in fact. I need a holiday!