Thursday, 5 April 2012

Currently Coveting: Satchels

Images: Carolina // Ebba // Alice

The satchel has been a long time staple of those who like a classic looking bag, with enough room for all their essentials and the reassurance that it won't break after a few wears. Over the past few seasons the satchel has become the bag of choice with several big name brands coming back into the limelight as go to places for all the latest looks.

While the satchel often carries the connotation of library book geek and conservative hermits, these satchels are anything other than shy and retiring. The most eccentric of satchels have recently hit the fashion world in anything from metallic pink to screaming neon yellow, brightening up everyday outfits to  cutting edge cool. While the following brands offer a wide selection of well made quality leather goods, other places such as h&m, Urban Outfitters and Topshop also offer cheaper options for a quick fashion fix. 

Doc Martens

As an avid Doc Martens fan I was so excited when an email dropped in my inbox with the brands latest range of satchels. I absolutely love both the black and crimson versions with their Doc Martens gold emblem on the bottom. Call me a label whore but if I am going to splash out the £90+ price for one of these bags I want it to come with bells and whistles. The yellow one is also pretty cool and I love the boy versus girl contrast of the black and pink satchel too.


One of the biggest names for satchels, Zatchel is availble from their online store and the ASOS website. I love the cuteness of both the floral and ladybug ones, however the polka dot and leopard ones are more up my street. I am absolutely in love with this green leopard print one, which along with the polka dots and floral also comes in a range of other colours. 

Cambridge Satchel Company

When the satchel revival first started the Cambridge Satchel Company was the name I first heard whispered and shouted about. Possibly for their reputation for high quality but also for their range of simplistic yet fun designs. Just like the green leopard Zatchel bag, I have completely fallen in love with this bright pink metallic version, I absolutely love the contrast of a smart bag in a tacky but fantastic metallic pink.

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  1. Great post - I NEED to get myself one of these asap! The problem is which one! They're all so cute! x

  2. I'd love a brown one or the neon pink ones are cool. I love the polka dot one haven't seen on like that before x

  3. Your blog looks lovely! Love the new header!

  4. Gaaah, they're all so pretty! I really want to find a vintage brown one just like the ones we had in school.

    I love your new banner, by the way! XO

  5. Great post I love satchels, I got the zatchels ladybird satchel for christmas and its amazing!

    Im going to follow you now, maybe follow me back? xx